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Soy White Sauce Vegan Lasagna with Tofu and Spinach

Ok I upfront admit I am not a vegan, there I said it so it is out there for you to know up front. But what I do know is food and how to blend ingredients so they work together and in a coherent set of instructions hopeful too. I do respect anyone who makes any food choice that is right for them and I am in the food business so I try and make things that will serve my visitors well. Now one of my most pinned recipes is the vegetarian lasagna recipe so with this in mind I realized I wanted to take it one step further and offer my vegan friends lasagna they could enjoy as much as their vegetarian counter parts have enjoyed the other.

Now like I said I am not a vegan so although I feel my research is sound and my methods, combinations and proportions should be right on, there are a few things I have to take on faith and if for any reason you have ANY suggestions on how to improve the recipe please leave me a comment and I will adapt with any constructive criticism. Now please keep this all in mind and be civil (my kids see my sites) and I mean no bad intentions but I am not perfect and trying to try this out on my guys would likely get one of my twins roasted by their older brother.

So I ask for your help to make a recipe that is the best it can be for all my vegan friends. Just because someone makes a life choice that is right for them I think we should support everyone in the culinary world and offer food that is not only healthy and wholesome but that just downright taste good. I have been doing this for a very longtime now and one of the things I have always tried to do is treat everyone with respect and respect everyone’s right to their ways. In fact this is our tenth anniversary year this year in internet business lifecycles that is like a 100 in the brick and mortar world and I have gotten here by always trying new things. Continue reading

Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken

“The dish was named after Alfredo Di Lelio, a restaurateur who opened and operated restaurants in Rome, Italy, throughout the early to mid 20th century.” The dish came to America with Italian American immigrants and soon became popular with many and is a main stay of many Italian themed restaurants in the States. The restaurant version is very straightforward a combination of, cream, butter, and parmesan cheese.

Unlike the true version made in restaurants the commercial brand often thicken the sauce with things such as egg, or starch something no restaurateur would ever do. It is for this reason that many commercial brands fall far short on the true flavor of this very simple dish. In fact with many recipes the simple they are the easier they are to mess up by varying away from what makes them work in the first place.

Now that you know how easy it is to make your own authentic style Alfredo sauce at home there is no reason to resort to premade cheap knock offs as they recipe below will show it is so simple it really is not worth selling yourself short on flavor. Other twist on this theme include adding grilled shrimp is a popular version that replace the chicken in this dish with grilled shrimp for a nice seafood version, and of course there is always just plain pasta and sauce version. Try all three and see which your favorite is. Continue reading

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