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About Amazing Italian Recipes

Welcome to This is a brand new site which featuring a wealth of content all about this exciting cuisine. Here you will find dishes beloved to Italian hearts, traditional and unchanged from how it is made in Italy, as well as American-Italian cuisine, which came about when Italian immigrants fused their culinary knowledge and traditional recipes with what was available locally in the US and came up with this tasty blend of flavors.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My name is Christine and I would like to tell you a little more about me, and something about and our other food sites too.

As mom to four incredible young boys, who are now young men, food is a big part of our lives. Let’s face it, guys just love eating (something any mom of teenage boys will know only too well!) I was diagnosed with MS a while back and my ability to stand is something which was compromised. However, the guys still need good quality meals offering all the flavor they want to have and all the nutrition I want them to have.

I’m not a quitter and just giving up and settling for pre-prepared ‘food’ out of a box just did not suit my need to feed them healthy meals. I needed to find another way of feeding them and discover how to make easy meals using good ingredients. I wanted this need to be reflected in all the websites I have because I found it hard to find anywhere else offering easy, healthy and appealing recipes.

It is fair to say I’m dismayed at what some of my fellow entrepreneurs put out there. It’s about as good as the stuff in the boxes I had no interest in feeding to my family.

One of the things I wanted out to do when I began my Internet business was to offer a better experience to web users than anything else they would find. This is what I try to reflect in every food website I build – plain, simple quality, and this includes every component of the site from the articles on the main page to the recipes in the various categories inside. This is the same whether it is in one of our main course sites like or one of our dessert sites like

Why Italian Recipes?

The world offers many different cuisines but I chose Italian recipes just because of how popular they are. Many people are unaware just how diverse this cuisine is, believing Italians survive on a diet of pizza, pasta and lasagna, washed down with copious cappuccino, so you might be surprised to discover some healthy soups and salads offering an Italian flair, as well as a wide range of typical chicken, fish and meat dishes which come from Italy.

Italian desserts are also something worth learning more about, and who doesn’t love a plate of tiramisu or some cool, creamy gelato to end a meal in style? From the antipasti (appetizers) right through to the dessert served with an espresso perhaps, you can craft an authentic Italian menu from start to finish.

Typical ingredients used in this cuisine include tomatoes, olives, olive oil, beef, chicken, pasta, eggplant, zucchini, cheeses such as parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta, chocolate, nuts, herbs such as basil and oregano, and more. Italian food is rich in flavors and a lot of dishes also call for fresh produce to be used, since the Italians are so fond of choosing locally sourced, seasonal produce, and crafting a complete meal out of these wonderful components.

This really appeals to me because I also value locally grown produce and I like to put colorful fresh fruits and veggies on my family’s plates.

The Most Famous Italian Dishes

Pizza is especially dear to many people’s heart, whether they prefer a thin crust or a thick one, a simple cheese and tomato topping or something else. Homemade pizza is just amazing. Lasagna is another dish which is famous worldwide and there are a surprising amount of different lasagna recipes.

Pasta is found in pantries all over the globe because it can be dressed simply with olive oil, pesto sauce or tomato sauce, or used to make something more complex. Pasta comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes so you can choose the perfect kind for your dish, be it a salad, stuffed pasta tubes, something with a thick and creamy sauce, or something else. Other dishes which are globally rather famous include vitello tonnato, carbonara and marinara sauces, risotto, cannoli, and gelato.

Our Core Food Sites

We recently decided to take a major new approach to every site we run, and there are quite a few of them. Our older sites received a facelift and an expanded site with increased user functionality, as well as search engine and user enhancements. Our brand new sites are equal in quality and have all these new features too. We set out to make the best Italian food site on the net and, although this site is still very new, we have hundreds and hundreds of amazing Italian recipes to add, all with photos, detailed descriptions, and cooking tips.

We took over a hundred sites offline in all, and focused on a core group of food sites which we have set out to make true authority sites on each and every category we cover. We already had pizza, lasagna and pasta sites, so it made sense to fuse them all together with the aim of making one huge Italian food site where you could find all these dishes plus more, rather than having to visit a different site for each Italian dish.

We made a major investment into new content, a new, upgraded, entirely WordPress-based CSS design, and pages jam-packed with more content than ever before. Each recipe page, on this site and the improved others, has over five hundred words of totally unique recipe content and specialty food content along with exclusive articles with the unique food perspective of a talented group of writers, foodies and cooks who have put their all into bringing the best possible food content to the web. Literally thousands of hours of research and writing, design and coding have gone into every page of this site and the others that we run.

We hope you are pleased with the results we have achieved. If you are, then why not share the site at your favorite social bookmark site and let others know what you have found?

cmsk-webWe truly appreciate your votes and it helps us concentrate on what we do best – provide all the best food content and the recipes you love to cook.

Thanks for visiting and buon appetito,

Christine and Everyone here at

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Christine Szalay-Kudra

Hi I'm Christine, and I am happy you are visiting. Food is a large part of our family's lives, and we love to try new dishes, especially Italian food which offers so much freshness and flavor, whether you are making a classic Italian dish like lasagna or pizza, or experimenting with new appetizers, entrées or desserts from Italy.

Even if you are brand new to this cuisine, you will be able to find all kinds of tempting recipes here. I have been collecting classic Italian recipes, all conveniently in one place, along with unusual recipes from Italy plus some dishes inspired by Italian cuisine.

When the weather is cold, a baked pasta dish or juicy pork or veal recipe might be ideal. During the summer months, an Italian salad might be your dish of choice. We have vegetarian recipes, Italian soups, and even tips on how to work with Italian ingredients for the best results, whether you are making lasagna, gnocchi or an Italian casserole


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