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A Tasty Introduction to Easy Lasagna Recipes

Lasagna is the name given to a flat, wide pasta. It can have straight or wavy edges. This pasta is usually served with alternating layers of sauce and cheese. Other ingredients such as vegetables, meat, or even fish or seafood feature in some easy lasagna recipes.

Lasagna is popular in Italy, especially in the center of the country, and there are regional variations. The sauce is often ragu and tomato-based in the south of Italy but usually features a bechamel sauce in the north of the country. Lasagna is famous all over the globe.

The great thing about making your own easy lasagna recipes is that the result will taste really delicious and fresh. If you have eaten frozen lasagna you will know that this type of lasagna does not taste fresh. Also, prepackaged lasagnas tend to be high in sugar and fat. Make your own – it will be healthier and much more flavorful!

Different Types of Lasagna

There are many different types of lasagna recipes, especially since you can mix and match your ingredients and come up with unique versions. A classic, or traditional, Italian lasagna recipe might be based on a bechamel or tomato sauce. You can also get seafood lasagna recipes, pesto lasagna, vegetarian lasagna recipes, mushroom lasagna, spinach and cheese lasagna or a similar vegetarian lasagna recipe.

Introduction to Easy Lasagna RecipesUnusual international fusion lasagnas include Mexican lasagna (with tortillas instead of lasagna noodles, plenty of Mexican cheese and perhaps some chilies), Greek lasagna (with ground lamb instead of beef) and other variations. You can garnish a lasagna with ham strips, different cheeses, tomato slices, herbs or anything else you want.

What about learning how to make lasagna with pork or chicken, or even trying out a crockpot lasagna? If you are fond of pasta, you are sure to find a perfect lasagna recipe to suit your palate.

Using Lasagna Noodles

In the old days, Italian housewives would make their own lasagna noodles but today it is more common to buy the pasta and make the sauce yourself. A lot of lasagna noodles are no-boil which is time-saving but there is a trick with no-boil lasagna sheets which will affect your finished lasagna.

Place the no-boil lasagna noodles in boiling salted water for up to a minute. Add a little oil to the water to stop them sticking to one another. Let them cool and dry and then follow the lasagna recipe. This tip makes the texture even nicer.

If you want to learn how to make lasagna noodles, this is not too difficult and you will need flour, salt, water, and seasonings. You can use herbs or powdered spices to add flavor. You can make any kind of pasta with a lasagna noodle recipe actually; the only thing that changes is the shape.

How to Store Lasagna Recipes

You can keep lasagna in the refrigerator for up to three days or freeze it. This dish freezes well, keeping most of its texture and flavor if you freeze and defrost it properly. Air is the main enemy with freezing because it can cause freezer burn. Wrap the lasagna tightly before freezing it, first in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil. Ziploc bags are a good alternative to the plastic wrap and foil. You can freeze a whole lasagna or you can freeze it in single portions.

Why not double your next vegetable lasagna recipe or seafood lasagna recipes and eat one now and then you can thaw the other for a future meal? Frozen lasagna keeps for up to three months.

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