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How to Make a Vegetarian Tortilla Lasagna

As with traditional lasagna, there are many varieties of tortilla lasagna, or Mexican lasagna. Some are strictly vegan varieties while others are a bit more generous ingredient wise. Here are a few vegetarian ingredients and tips you can use for your next dish of vegetarian tortilla lasagna.

Corn is a staple ingredient in many traditional Mexican dishes and works well in a vegetarian tortilla lasagna dish as well. You can also use a variety of salsa’s, hominy, black beans, refried beans, olives and more. Many of your potential ingredients will be heat and eat variety, canned vegetables and such, so mixing your main layer will be rather simple. Mix your chosen vegetables along with taco seasoning and salsa to make the best vegetarian tortilla lasagna filling.

Start with a layer of tortillas, you may want to begin with a full tortilla in the center and cut a couple in half to fill in around the edges. Over the layer of tortilla’s spread vegetarian mixture, salsa and cheese. Next layer begins with tortilla, more vegetable mixture, and then salsa. Final layer will be tortilla, salsa then sprinkle cheese over the top.

Tortilla LasagnaMost of the time this dish will be baked in a foil covered dish, of course if you want the browned appearance, take the foil off for the final 15 minutes of baking. Garnish with sour cream, fresh tomatoes, salsa and if you like a dollop of guacamole.

Different Kinds of Vegetarian Lasagna

One of the most popular vegetarian lasagna options has to be the whole-wheat vegetarian spinach lasagna. Whole-wheat noodles are a little healthier than regular ones, and spinach is good for you too. Include plenty of creamy ricotta if you are going to make a whole-wheat spinach lasagna. Cottage cheese and parmesan also go nicely.

Another delicious option is crockpot vegetarian lasagna. Whether or not you already knew that lasagna was suitable for slow-cooking, crockpot vegetarian lasagna is an amazing dish. Vegans might enjoy a spinach and tofu lasagna. Despite not containing cheese, a vegan lasagna can be just as tasty and hearty as a conventional one, and lower in fat too.

Eggplant Lasagna Recipe

Eggplant is a good vegetable to base a vegetarian lasagna recipe on and you can include spinach, zucchini, and other vegetables, or just use the eggplant. Greek moussaka is a layered potato and eggplant dish which is not too different from lasagna. If you enjoy moussaka you should also like a vegetarian eggplant lasagna.

For something very different, you could make a lasagna with tofu instead of ricotta and add artichokes, Italian spices, and black olives for maximum taste and appeal. If you are cooking for kids, use lots of colorful veggies and plenty of cheese too. Spaghetti sauce from a jar or can makes light work of making the sauce and serving vegetables in a lasagna makes the little ones keener to eat them.

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