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How to Make Homemade Wheat-Free Lasagna Noodles

Sometimes it is difficult to find your favorite wheat free lasagna noodles at the local grocers. However, you can always create your own at home from scratch if you have the right recipe and instructions.

Homemade wheat free lasagna noodles can be somewhat labor intensive, however the results are definitely worth the effort. You can provide your family with a wheat and gluten free alternative to what you find on the typical store shelf.

Sample Ingredients

In order to make homemade wheat free lasagna noodles you are going to need a few ingredients that may not be in your cupboard. Tapioca flour, potato starch, and xanthan gum will be an integral part of your recipe. The rest are fairly basic and include eggs, olive oil, and cornstarch for rolling out the dough.

Wheat-Free Lasagna NoodlesMixing

Wet and dry ingredients will initially be mixed separately. Eggs and olive oil in one bowl, starches, xanthan gum, and tapioca flour in another. Once you have the dry ingredients mixed, create a well in the center for your wet ingredients. Kneed the dough, but do not overdo it, then turn out on your cutting board and cover with wax paper. You will want to let the dough “rest” before creating your noodles.

Actually making the noodles can be done in one of two ways. A pasta machine is the simplest, however you can roll out the dough and cut into rectangular lasagna noodles. Once you have raw noodles to your liking simply lay them out to dry and store or cook them immediately.

More Alternatives to Wheat-Free Lasagna Noodles

If lasagna noodles are out of the question, either because someone in the family is intolerant to wheat or because someone does not like them, you can still make amazing lasagna recipes without using noodles at all.

Rice is an alternative to wheat noodles and you can either use regular cooked rice or rice noodles. A lasagna does not stop being a lasagna just because you are swapping one of the key components. You might even discover you prefer the other one.

Using Vegetables Instead

Another option would be to swap the lasagna noodles for thin slices of eggplant, squash, or zucchini. This would work better in a meat, seafood, or cheese lasagna, since in a vegetable lasagna recipe it would be overkill to sandwich the vegetables between layers of more vegetables, but it is a great suggestion if you want to swap the carbs for nutrients.

Another idea would be to learn how to make homemade wheat-free lasagna noodles yourself. If you have the time, this might be something that you would like to try out.

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