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Things to Know about How to Make Lasagna

If chefs decided to make one word to describe lasagna, it would be “variety.” Thousands of recipes and cooks have different answers about how to make lasagna. You could probably fix a different recipe every night for years without running out.

Decide what kind of noodles you want to use, flat or wavy. Perhaps you want to make your own lasagna noodles and have to decide on thick or thin and wide or narrow. There are store-bought noodles that can be baked rather than precooked and wide noodles that cooks soak in hot water for a few moments and then layer them to complete cooking during the baking process.

Try any method and be sure to read the instructions for cooking the noodles so they turn out right. Some noodles involve a bit more than dropping into a pan of boiling water for 8 minutes and the pasta is a big part of the taste of lasagna.

Things to Know about How to Make LasagnaMake sure the pan you are using is large enough so all the layers will fit. If you find there is extra, build a small lasagna in another pan and freeze it to use another time. Stuffing everything together and overfilling the pan will interfere with the quality and result of the meal.

Lasagna is a lot like stir-fry in that assembling the ingredients in the order used makes it easier to prepare. If you are making vegetarian lasagna, there are many options to make delicious lasagna.

Delicious ingredients like mushrooms, zucchini, olives, fresh spinach, fresh parmesan, and mozzarella cheese add to the texture and taste. Any lasagna needs time to set after baking. Remove it from the oven and allow it to sit for 30 to 45 minutes before serving.

More Lasagna Cooking Tips

Use cooking spray to prevent your homemade lasagna from sticking to the baking dish. Although it will taste the same if it breaks when you are trying to remove your neat squares, it will look better if it comes smoothly out of the baking dish.

An attractive baking dish is a good idea because it can be taken straight from the oven to the table. This might not matter so much if you are serving the lasagna to the family but if you are serving it when you have friends over for a dinner party you will want to use an attractive baking dish if it is going to be on show.

The Best Oil and Tomatoes

Olive oil is one of the tastiest oils to use in lasagna recipes but it is not your only option. You could be inspired by Greek pastitsio cooks (pastitsio is a type of Greek lasagna made with tubular pasta instead of lasagna noodles) and use peanut oil, or you could try canola oil or your favorite vegetable oil. Some extra-virgin olive oil drizzled over the top of your finished lasagna gives it a very Italian feel.

Another key ingredient is tomatoes and you can use canned, peeled plum tomatoes to make a tasty lasagna sauce. You can puree them for a smooth sauce or crush them by hand for a rustic-style, chunky sauce. Tomato paste is good for thickening your lasagna sauce and sundried tomato pasta has an extra-rich taste.

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