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Which Type of Lasagna to Make

It can be hard picking one kind of lasagna to make for your family because there are so many varieties. Do you go with a traditional beef lasagna or do you swap the beef for turkey or chicken? Should you make a gourmet seafood lasagna with lobster and crab, or what about a healthy lasagna with spinach and low-fat cheese, or eggplant and zucchini?

The truth is that there are so many options when it comes to making homemade lasagna that it can be hard to pick just one recipe. Also, since lasagna is so easy to make in bulk and freeze, it is tempting to make two or three huge ones all in one variety, which is enough to last the average family for quite a number of mealtimes. So how do you choose which types of lasagna to make?

Something for Everyone

The most important thing about making lasagna recipes is to make one that the whole family is going to like. If one member of the family is allergic to tomatoes, for example, there are plenty of recipes for lasagna without tomatoes.

Which Type of LasagnaYou can make a cheese lasagna with different varieties of Italian cheese, as well as oregano, thyme and basil, and some garlic and onions. Alternatively, you might opt to make a creamy chicken lasagna with bechamel sauce instead of the tomato sauce.

If someone is not keen on pasta noodles, then you can swap them for egg noodles, sliced veggies or even rice. If you do not want to use meat, you can use vegetables or tofu, and if you want to reduce the calorie count or fat amount, you can use reduced-fat cheese and lean ground beef. Swapping the ingredients around like this requires some creativity but is not hard.

There are so many lasagna recipes that there really is something for everyone, even if you are not keen on one of the key components. This is one reason why lasagna is so universally beloved, because you can adapt it however you want and still have wonderful results.

Try Something New

Vegetarian lasagna recipes are not just for vegetarians. There are plenty of carnivores out there who enjoy the flavor of tofu, like the sound of having beans and pulses instead of meat, or fancy a nice fish dish from time to time. If you have made delicious lasagnas for years but always followed the same recipe, or followed one recipe but tweaked it slightly from time to time, why not experiment a little, get out of your comfort zone, and make a seafood lasagna recipe?

You already have plenty of lasagna-making experience to help you, and you might find that using different fillings is fun. The main principles are the same, since you will be layering ingredients and then baking the finished lasagna, but you can have fun with some new flavors and you might even stumble upon a new family favorite in the process.

Something else you could try is making a crockpot lasagna recipe. This is a great idea if you are going out for the day and planning to be back at dinnertime, because the lasagna will slowly cook to perfection in the crockpot and be ready to serve when you and your hungry family walk through the door. Crockpot lasagnas usually have really smooth, intense, perfectly blended flavors too.

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