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You Can Learn How to Make Spinach Lasagna

Do you and your family enjoy eating healthy and nutritious meals? Do you love lasagna? If you love lasagna and you love the flavor and texture of spinach, you can learn how to make spinach lasagna today. Making lasagna recipes are easy.

All you need to do is gather all your ingredients together in one place and start mixing them together for cooking. Some lasagna recipes may call for only a few ingredients. Other recipes may be a bit more involved with the different types of ingredients you might need to make lasagna at home.

However, making a delicious dish of lasagna is not difficult at all. You might even be surprised how quickly you can make lasagna and have it sitting piping hot and ready for the family meal. When you make spinach lasagna, you will need some of the most basic ingredients for making lasagna. You can use fresh spinach from your lasagna garden or you can use frozen spinach to make this particular type of lasagna.

Once you have all the ingredients you need to make a spinach lasagna recipe, you can begin. Following our easy to follow recipe directions is also helpful. After you find the recipe you want to make simply follow along and before you know it you will see that your homemade lasagna is coming together well. Pop it in a hot oven and let it bake for the recommended time. Once you homemade spinach lasagna is done; you can call everyone together to enjoy a family meal.

What You Need to Know About Spinach

How to Make Spinach Lasagna

This versatile, leafy green vegetable features in almost every cuisine there is. Spinach was first cultivated in Iran (which used to be called Persia) and then introduced to Europe during the 1200s by Arab traders. Because spinach is fast and easy to grow, it was not long before this healthy vegetable was popular all over Europe. It is lovely with dairy products like cheese and cream, and spinach is often paired with halloumi or feta cheese in the Middle East.

The Italians combine their spinach with parmesan or ricotta cheese. Spinach is a good source of vitamins A, K and folate, as well as antioxidants. Spinach grows all year but its peak season is between March and November. Look out for thin stems; thick ones mean the spinach is overgrown and this gives it a bitter flavor.

Baby spinach and English spinach should have rounded leaves, not pointed ones, and be crisp and very green. The stems should be firm and the leaves should be free from insect damage. Store spinach in an airtight plastic bag. Fresh spinach will keep for several days in the refrigerator. Wash it well before using, to remove any grit or dirt.

Different Types of Spinach

English spinach is nice raw or you can serve it blanched, chopped and tossed with butter. It is also good in omelets, frittatas and pies, as well as in a spinach lasagna recipe. Baby spinach is soft and mild-tasting. It is good raw in salads and you can use it in soups or pasta recipes. You could also feature it in a spinach lasagna. Leave the stems on baby spinach because they are tender. Silverbeet is also in the spinach family and it comes from the Mediterranean. Silverbeet needs to be cooked, stemmed, and sliced, and it goes well in filo parcels with feta cheese, stir-fries, or quiches.

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