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Pizza around the World

Perhaps you like to order or make the same kind of pizza each time you eat it. Maybe you are a meat feast pizza fanatic or addicted to roasted vegetable and cheese pizza. There are so many different pizza varieties and recipes that it is possible to make a different pizza each time you eat it. Pepperoni pizza will never cease to be popular; margarita pizza is well loved all over the world but what about in other countries? What types of pizza do they prefer?

Favorite Pizzas in Other Countries

Toppings vary a lot around the world, depending on regional preferences and tastes. Australians like pineapple and shrimp on their pizzas or BBQ toppings. Curry is a well-loved topping in Pakistan. Costa Ricans like coconut and red herring is the preferred topping in Russia. Russians also like mockba, which is a combination of tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, and onion. You would definitely need a breath mint after eating that concoction!

Eel and squid are the pizza toppings of choice in Japan and green peas feature on many pizzas in Brazil. Bacon, onion, and fresh cream are favorite pizza toppings in France and vegetables for pizza toppings are grown in greenhouses in Iceland because of the lava terrain.

Pizza around the WorldSaudi Arabian meat toppings must be beef because pork is not consumed in Muslim countries. The Double Dutch is a popular pizza in the Netherlands. This is a double beef, double cheese, and double onion pizza. Indians like minced mutton, tofu, and an Indian cheese called paneer and pickled ginger on their pizzas.

Different Types of Pizzas

If you know about Italian pizza history, you will know that the original Italian pizza with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil is still very popular today but there are many other different kinds of pizza too. Chicago pizza is another firm favorite and this pizza is a deep-dish style with plenty of tasty toppings. The first Italian pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria, opened in Naples in 1738. The first United States Pizzeria opened in 1895 in New York City.

If Chicago style pizza is not to your liking, what about NY pizza? Why is NY pizza so good, many people ask, and the answer to that is that the wide, thin, and foldable slices are the closest pizza to the original Italian recipe? Many famous pizzerias are named after where they are located, such as Boston Style Pizza, California Pizza, and New York Pizza.

You might be wondering what a Greek style pizza recipe is. These pizzas often feature Greek ingredients such as kalamata olives, gyros, feta cheese, and spinach. Greek pizza is baked in a pan instead of on pizza oven bricks, like an Italian pizza would be. The crust is chewy, thick, and quite oily. Greek immigrants set up the first Greek style pizzerias and these usually sell other Greek specialties on the premises, such as gyros and Greek salads.

Mexican pizza can refer to Mexican pizza toppings such as tomatoes, corn, ground beef, and Mexican cheese. Alternatively, a Mexican pizza can use corn tortillas instead of an Italian style dough base.

Many nations have taken pizza recipes to their hearts and simply adapted the toppings to suit their own preferences. You can have even more versatility and freedom when making homemade pizza recipes. Perhaps you would like to try making a Mexican pizza recipe or a creamy bacon and onion French style pizza.

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