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Classic Italian Chicken Saltimbocca

One of the things I love about Italian cuisine is there are many variations of famous dishes made with more than one central ingredient. For example one of the best know of Italian dishes are the ones featuring parmesan cheese and marinara sauce over a crunchy main ingredient this can be eggplant, veal, or chicken they are all lovely on their own and all have a special place in the culinary world and I would not necessarily replace one with the other rather this way they, lend to what kind of mood you are in sometimes one will out shine another and then on another day just the opposite is true.

Saltimbocca is more commonly known for being made from veal but like so many dishes and I am not sure if this is our side of the pond lending itself to the dish or not but chicken is a wonderful substitute in this recipe. Both meats are very mild and lend well to the accent of the prosciutto and in this one a bit different to almost like a cordon bleu it has a slice of Swiss cheese incorporated into it along with fresh sage in and out so you are sure to get that distinct sage taste in every bite. If you want to be a more of a traditionalist you can opt to leave the cheese out although I think it adds a nice element to the dish that is missing otherwise.

Slowly but surely I am trying to fill out the classic dishes category and I am focusing on something other than pizza and lasagna as I think you know those have kind of a skewed representation on the site as both were seeding sites that I merged into this one. It has been a long journey to this point and I am so excited that the network has almost fully integrated the rebranding and consolidation into the core sites from its former self. It is a much more useful network of food sites I believe and I love the mix of topics and love that we are finally at a point of growing the database again. It has been a challenge but one that I feel has been a positive for both me as a webmaster and you as users. Can’t wait until I see what I come up with next any ideas or suggestion leave me a comment. Continue reading

Hunter Style Baked Italian Chicken Cacciatore

I thought for today’s Italian recipe I would offer up a basic entrée that is also a much loved Italian recipe by many. Now chicken is a common ingredient in many recipes weather they are Italian or not and some are more involved and then there are recipes like this that are really straightforward and just simple to make. There are a few steps to it but the basic dish is fairly easy to make and delivers great results.

I wanted a dish that is mainly made in the oven as you can set it in there and walk away as where the stovetop requires a bit more attention usually. Now the sauce is made on the stovetop but after the first few minutes it is mainly simmering and you can just walk by every now and then and give it a stir or send one of the kids to help out with a friendly stir of the pan. When the sauce and chicken is done baking just pour it over back to the oven for a bit to make sure everything is warm and vole you’re done.

Now if you want you can make some pasta to serve this over linguini would be a good choice or even spaghetti almost any long noodle will work. To round it out make some nice fresh Italian bread with melted butter and minced garlic in it and you has a full meal in a fairly short amount of actual kitchen time. I love meals I can let work on their own in fact you could wrap the bread in foil and place it in the oven to cook until warm with the chicken in the last reheat of everything. Continue reading

Crispy Chicken Milanese with Herb

This flavorful dish is named after the city of Milan in Italy. It is popular not only in Italy but also in Latin American countries where any kind of breaded meat is called ‘Milanesa’ or ‘Milanese’. This dish was actually introduced into South America by Italian immigrants in the late 1800s or early 1900s. The dish is made with thinly sliced chicken, beef, veal, or pork. There are even modern variants with tofu or eggplant. The meat is dipped into eggs and then breadcrumbs, along with garlic, herbs and/or other seasonings, then shallow fried.

Although sometimes mozzarella, tomato pasta and maybe also ham are added, to make ‘Milanese a la Napolitana’, our recipe is the basic chicken Milanese recipe. You will need chicken breast halves, along with eggs and panko (also known as Japanese breadcrumbs) for dipping. We are adding parsley and oregano, herbs which are often used in traditional Italian recipes, to add delicate flavor accents to the dish. A little lemon juice (fresh of course!) is sprinkled over the chicken Milanese just before serving.

The crunchy coating contrasts beautifully with the soft, moist chicken breast inside, and this is a dish that you cannot get bored with. Perhaps you will want to add it to your regular meal rotation, because it is something the whole family should enjoy. Serve it with pasta or potatoes, plus your favorite vegetables. Some people like to serve a little tomato sauce with their chicken Milanese, either the bottled kind or, preferably something homemade. Next time you want chicken for dinner, try this classic Italian recipe. Continue reading

Chicken Spaghetti Casserole with Cheese

This easy go-to meal is sure to appeal to you, the cook, because it is so easy to prepare, and also the family who are going to be eating it, because there is nothing not to like about this flavorful entrée. Spaghetti is not often the pasta of choice in casseroles but it works just as well as pasta shapes, so if you usually use macaroni, penne or shells, switch it for spaghetti (or linguine) and enjoy the change in texture.

You can use a whole chicken in this recipe, cut into 8 pieces, or else just grab a package of 8 chicken breast halves or 8 mixed chicken pieces, and use that. A nice sharp cheddar is the best kind of cheese to use here, and you can also swap the cayenne pepper for a small can of chilies if you wish, or even a pinch of chili powder. Any of these will lend a spicy kick to the casserole. The cream of mushroom soup is delicious here although change it up by using cream of celery soup or another tasty, creamy option.

First you will be poaching the chicken and then the resulting chicken meat is combined with the cooked spaghetti, cheese, and then all the other ingredients. Finish the casserole off with cheese on top, then bake it in the oven to bring all the flavors together and melt the cheese on top. The cheese will crisp up and go nice and golden brown, but if it goes golden too soon just cover the dish with foil and keep baking. Continue reading

Spicy Chicken Fettuccine

This is a very simple recipe. A pinch of chili powder transforms this from a simple chicken and tomato pasta recipe to something with a little more kick. If you want to use fresh chilies you can take your pick from any of them, using the kind of chili pepper you prefer. Ground chili powder also works, or try some chipotle for the slightly smoky flavor it imparts.

You can use any kind of tomato-based pasta sauce, either a very simple one or maybe tomato and herbs or even tomato and garlic. You could even use your own pasta sauce recipe if you have a nice one, perhaps something your mother or grandmother taught you to make. If you are in a rush though there is no problem using a jar of sauce instead. Some people like to use quite a lot of sauce while others prefer a light coating. In Italy not much sauce is used, and pasta is certainly not served swimming in sauce, so use your discretion as regards the ratio of sauce to pasta.

It makes sense to cook the pasta at the same time as cooking the sauce, then you can combine them at the end, rather than cook the pasta first and have it sitting in a colander getting cold and sticky. If the pasta is ready a minute or two early though, it really will not matter. Adjust the amount of chili if you want it spicier or milder, or even leave it out altogether if you do not want any heat in the dish.

Continue reading

10-Minute Chicken Pasta with a Chinese Twist

Although a lot of pasta recipes are 100% Italian this one features Italian ingredients and Chinese flavorings to make a fusion dish which offers a change of pace from your usual Italian pasta recipes. Fettuccine pasta is used here but feel free to swap it for linguine or spaghetti, or even pasta shapes such as penne or bowties. You will also need some cooked chicken breast for this dish. If you do not have any you can cook some up beforehand of course, or else just make use of leftover chicken.

We are also adding carrot, both to add a bright color to the dish and also a nice sweetness. The seasonings are sesame oil, ginger and soy sauce, and then you can add red and/or black pepper for a touch of spice. Fresh cilantro makes a nice garnish and the vivid green color contrasts well with the yellow and orange in the dish. Pasta is similar to Asian noodles in a way, which is why this dish works so well.

Chicken features in a lot of Italian recipes but the seasonings in this recipe are more Eastern than Western, so it really is a fusion meal. This is a very easy dish to make. Just cook the pasta and carrots, then stir the remaining ingredients into the dish and cook it for a couple of minutes. Remember the chicken is already cooked so it only needs to be warmed through by tossing it with the other ingredients. Make this as mild or as spicy as you wish, adding red pepper flakes for a nice kick, or a pinch of chili powder instead if that is what you have. Continue reading

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