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Italian Soups

Wild Mushroom Boletus Italian Style Soup

Ever country’s cuisine has at least a few soup recipes, it is such a part of eating and meals all over the world and Italy is no different. I am trying to fill some of the shallow categories here and fill out the site I know pizza, and lasagna are well covered as they were two of the seed sites that went into the creation of this site. I’m trying to fill key holes in the category list and soup is looking a bit empty to me so I decided to spend a bit of time today and give you a nice three mushroom soup Italian style for my latest addition to the site.

Now the reason I chose this recipe and the use of more than just one mushroom is I think these three accent each other and complement each other taste wise well. I based it off of a classic idea in Italian soup making as I try to do with all the recipes here. Now this does not necessarily mean from Italy as I am well know for saying there are an awful lot of Italian Americans that have made equally great additions to the whole of Italian cooking on this side of the Atlantic.

Don’t get me wrong I love true Italian based recipes as much as the next person but I don’t think Italian-American food should be discounted as anything less because of geography. You know my feelings on Mexican food and labels there don’t make that same mistake when it comes to chefs here either. Food and ethnic food is becoming a smaller world everyday and the internet is helping fuel that transformation into a global breadbasket so to speak. Here it is in New England today it’s April, it just snowed, and yet yesterday grocery shopping I picked up fresh strawberries. That season is months away here so the world of food is getting smaller and our ability to travel via cyberspace makes it affordable to try new dishes all over the world. Continue reading

Bean and Vegetable Soup from Tuscany

This is a hearty, healthy soup which you will love if you like beans. We are using white beans and brown beans here. You can use any kind of beans actually, and you do not have to drain the cans first. Add the beans and also their liquid. We are also adding onion, carrot, celery and zucchini to the soup, along with sundried tomatoes, garlic and kale. Aromatic flavor comes from the rosemary and bay leaves. This soup is wonderful served with parmesan as well as some toasted crusty bread on the side.

This is a very easy soup to make. Once you have sautéed some of the vegetables, you can go ahead and add the other ingredients, then simmer everything gently. We are using kale in the soup but you can use Swiss chard instead if you prefer. Also you might like to tweak the vegetables used. Instead of the zucchini, for example, you might want to double the amount of celery, or else swap the carrot for broccoli, or leave out the sundried tomatoes. Any tweaks you wish to make are fine. Perhaps you want to use up some of those veggies in your salad drawer.

We are basing this soup on chicken broth. You can use homemade broth or reduced-sodium broth, as you prefer. Maybe you have some homemade chicken broth you would like to use. Whatever you decide, ensure you are using a good quality broth because otherwise it will let the flavor of the soup down. If the broth is salty, bear that in mind when adding your salt to taste. Too much salt in a soup recipe is never a good thing, and you do not want to overpower those delicate herb and vegetable flavors, or overwhelm the beans. Continue reading

Authentic Italian Wedding Soup

This Italian-American soup is made with chicken meatballs and vegetables, along with fregola sarda, a small round pasta which comes from Sardinia and is similar to Israeli couscous. The meatballs are made with ground chicken, breadcrumbs, parsley, parmesan, garlic and onion, and the soup itself is made with celery, carrot, baby spinach and chicken demi-glace (usually made with equal parts of veal stock and espagnole sauce, but you can buy it readymade since you only need a little for this recipe).

This soup actually got its name from a misunderstanding. In Italian it is called ‘minestra maritata’ which translates to mean ‘married soup’ not ‘wedding soup’ because it refers to the fact the meat and vegetables ‘marry together’ nicely and the flavors are good together, but switch the word marry for the word wed and, while the words might mean similar things to us, they do change the meaning of the soup name! The original recipe is prepared during the Christmas season in Italy and also in Spain, because it is hearty and warming.

Once you have prepared the meatballs, you can sauté some of the aromatic vegetables and then it is time to add the pasta demi-glace and water. The meatballs are cooked in the soup so they can soak up the lovely flavors. If you want to cut one meatball in half to check when they are done, that is a good idea. The spinach and parsley go into the soup right at the end because they simply need to wilt a little rather than cook, and then you can serve this with some extra parmesan on top if you like. Continue reading

Tomato and Calamari Soup with Garlic

This fabulous soup is based on the classic Italian tomato soup recipe but it also boasts calamari, another delicious Italian ingredient. The squid should be cleaned and sliced into rings, and if you also have tentacles cut them in half lengthwise. Squid can be breaded or battered and deep-fried for a couple of minutes until golden brown, and a lot of people have enjoyed squid prepared in this way. If you are looking for a new calamari recipe though, read on, because this soup is totally worth making.

Use either homemade or canned tomato sauce for the base of the soup, whichever you prefer. Adding a fresh tomato too will add further dimension to the flavor, plus provide some curled up bits of skin which add to the presentation. The soup is flavored with garlic, wine, thyme, and chili flakes, all of which bring out the beauty of the soup and also go nicely with the seafood taste.

A nice side dish for this soup is ciabatta, so slice up a loaf of it, and then toast the slices until crisp in a 350 degrees F oven, rub whole garlic cloves over the toast slices, and serve this tasty snack with the soup. If you want to serve plain ciabatta or untoasted bread you can, but scooping up the soup and squid on toasted bread is a special way of enjoying this dish. Serve this for lunch or dinner, or enjoy smaller portions and serve it as an appetizer. Once you have tasted this you will certainly want to make it again. Continue reading

Italian Sausage and White Bean Soup

White beans and sausage are the stars of this soup, and this is a rustic, warming and hearty dish. The recipe makes 8 small servings, about 1 cup each, but we prefer a slightly more generous helping, so suggest this amount for 6 people. This works well for lunch or dinner, served with crusty bread, and you will find that kids enjoy this soup as much as the grownups do, and you will love serving this to your little ones because you know it is full of nutrients without all the sugar, salt and chemicals found in most canned soups.

Whether you choose cannellini beans, Great Northern beans, or navy beans, this soup is sure to taste delicious. If you are using dried ones, soak them overnight so you can cook them faster the following day. You might want to puree a cup or 2 of beans to make the texture creamier. An immersion blender is a simple way to do this, or you could use a regular blender or food processor. If you do not want to do this, just leave all the beans whole and the soup will be thinner in consistency.

This is a simple soup to make, as many Italian soups are. You need to sauté the vegetables, garlic and other ingredients, then add the beans and let them cook until tender. Soak them overnight and they will cook faster. If you prefer to use canned beans, these only need to be warmed through, not cooked, so the cooking time will be shorter still. Continue reading

Creamy Chicken and Gnocchi Soup

This rich, warming soup boasts so much flavor, and the texture is nice too, with plenty of gnocchi and chicken in there to add interest, as well as an overall creamy finish. You will find potato gnocchi in the pasta aisle, the frozen food aisle, or in the Italian foods area of your grocery store, and you can choose from fresh or frozen, although we recommend the fresh kind for the best result. Use fresh basil and spinach too, because those add a nicer flavor than the frozen kind.

This soup is perfect for any season or occasion, but it is perhaps best during the cooler months when you want something to warm you up from the inside out. The soft, slightly chewy gnocchi, tender chicken and leafy spinach add such a nice texture, while the cream, broth and butter add a luxurious creaminess to the dish. Everything balances out really well and this is a top quality soup.

Making this is very straightforward. You need to sauté the vegetables and garlic, add the flour, broth and cream, and then the chicken, gnocchi and spinach. This soup is then ladled into serving bowls and you can scatter some shredded parmesan or romano cheese on top of each portion to finish it off perfectly. Although this could be served in small bowls as an appetizer, it is quite rich and hearty, which means it is better as an entrée, so serve it with crusty bread for lunch, or enjoy it as a comforting supper. Continue reading

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