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Soy White Sauce Vegan Lasagna with Tofu and Spinach

Ok I upfront admit I am not a vegan, there I said it so it is out there for you to know up front. But what I do know is food and how to blend ingredients so they work together and in a coherent set of instructions hopeful too. I do respect anyone who makes any food choice that is right for them and I am in the food business so I try and make things that will serve my visitors well. Now one of my most pinned recipes is the vegetarian lasagna recipe so with this in mind I realized I wanted to take it one step further and offer my vegan friends lasagna they could enjoy as much as their vegetarian counter parts have enjoyed the other.

Now like I said I am not a vegan so although I feel my research is sound and my methods, combinations and proportions should be right on, there are a few things I have to take on faith and if for any reason you have ANY suggestions on how to improve the recipe please leave me a comment and I will adapt with any constructive criticism. Now please keep this all in mind and be civil (my kids see my sites) and I mean no bad intentions but I am not perfect and trying to try this out on my guys would likely get one of my twins roasted by their older brother.

So I ask for your help to make a recipe that is the best it can be for all my vegan friends. Just because someone makes a life choice that is right for them I think we should support everyone in the culinary world and offer food that is not only healthy and wholesome but that just downright taste good. I have been doing this for a very longtime now and one of the things I have always tried to do is treat everyone with respect and respect everyone’s right to their ways. In fact this is our tenth anniversary year this year in internet business lifecycles that is like a 100 in the brick and mortar world and I have gotten here by always trying new things. Continue reading

Chicken Parmigiana with Fettuccine

This classic dish, which is also known as chicken parmesan or simply chicken parm, is a tasty Italian recipe which is cheap to make and makes chicken breasts go a long way. Chicken breasts are first breaded and then topped with tomato sauce and cheese. We are using parmesan and perhaps some mozzarella too. Sometimes provolone is used as well. Some people like to add a slice of ham or bacon too, so you can tweak this recipe if you want, using any of these options.

You can use Ritz crackers or similar wheat crackers, leaving the salt out of the recipe if you are using salty crackers. This recipe is often served as an entrée in the United States, with pasta, spaghetti or mashed potatoes. The chicken can also be served between bread slices to make a sandwich. If you wish to try this, use less tomato sauce else your sandwich will be too soggy. Fries are a typical side dish for chicken parmigiana in Australia. We like to use fettuccine, and also add a simple garden salad on the side.

The chicken is coated in egg and then seasoned cracker crumbs. This crispy coating sticks perfectly to the chicken. Next you need to add garlic-tomato sauce and parmesan. You can add some mozzarella too if you want to. This recipe makes enough to serve six people but you can halve it if that is too much. The dish takes about 40 minutes to cook in total, so start the fettuccine in the final 10 minutes, so it is ready at the same time as the chicken. Serve some Italian red wine on the side if you like, or a lightly chilled Italian blush wine. Continue reading

Easy Mexican-Inspired Lasagna Recipe

Mexican Lasagna is a real treat for dinner on any night. If you are looking for an easy Mexican lasagna recipe then you will like the one featured below it is a fast and easy recipe to make, and the flavor is great. This lasagna is not only great for dinner but is also a great dish to take to a potluck or reunion. Follow this recipe and watch how fast it disappears once served. Do you have finicky eaters in your home, or teenagers who love Mexican food? Then this easy Mexican lasagna recipe should be in your recipe file.

Combining deliciously spiced ground beef, shredded cheese, nacho chips, and salsa, this is made with the perfect ingredients that everyone loves. This layered lasagna has just the right amount of spiciness and melted cheese goodness that kids will be begging for more. For that matter, so will the adults. It has comfort food written all over it and is the perfect quick dinner entrée. This recipe’s preparation time is only about 15 minutes and the baking time is around half an hour.

This wonderful cheesy Mexican lasagna recipe will go great with an easy avocado salad. Serve refreshing iced tea or lemonade to quench the thirst and you have the perfect meal choice. This Mexican lasagna recipe is full of healthy calcium, protein and it is also a great source of fiber. Even the youngest family member will love it. The next time you are feeling like Mexican food, try this easy Mexican lasagna recipe. You and your family will be glad you did, because it blends Italian and Mexican cuisines seamlessly and the result is just perfect. Continue reading

Classic Lasagna with Creamy Bechamel Sauce

If you are searching for easy lasagna recipes, you might have a classic lasagna recipe in mind. The following one shows you how to make lasagna with beef and bechamel sauce. This delicious, hearty, and totally authentic lasagna recipe does not take long to make and you probably already have most of the ingredients in your refrigerator or cupboards.

Like most lasagna recipes, this one is made in layers. There is one meat layer but there are a couple of cheese and sauce layers. The lasagna is topped with cheese and butter for a creamy and luxurious finish. You can serve up to ten people with this lasagna (perhaps eight is a more realistic estimate, if they have good appetites) or you can freeze it for up to three months.

The following recipe does not require much equipment but you will need a 13 x 9 inch dish to cook it in. A round dish is not a good replacement because lasagna noodles are rectangular. Invest in a 13 x 9 inch dish if you do not already have one; there are lots of sweet and savory recipes you can use it for. Continue reading

Easy Roasted Pumpkin and Ricotta Cheese Lasagna

This easy Roasted Pumpkin lasagne is an easy vegetarian friendly lasagna recipe that is surprisingly creamy and delicious. It is very flavorful and so easy to make. This humble vegetable is full of beta-carotene as well as Vitamins A and C, as well as Potassium. It is a wonderful source of healthy fiber as well. Added to this is the healthy dose of Calcium and Vitamin d found in the cheese and you have a very well rounded healthy meal for your family.

Who says every meal has to include meat in order to obtain healthy vitamins. Not at all, actually in this easy roasted pumpkin lasagna there are plenty of nutrient dense vitamins. It is very easy to prepare as well. This wonderful and different roasted pumpkin lasagna will be a hit on your fall harvest table. Children will especially love this delicious tasting roasted pumpkin lasagne.

The aroma of this roasted pumpkin lasagne baking in the oven is truly unbelievable. Roasted pumpkin with melted cheese and pasta, it does not get any better than this. This easy entree will become a family favorite in the meatless category. This delicious roasted pumpkin lasagne is so good you will not even miss the meat. Continue reading

Picture Perfect Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

Everyone from children to adults loves Lasagna. Deliciously seasoned meat sauce, cheese, and pasta layered in a deep dish and baked to perfection. Most of us believe this wonderful aromatic dish derives from the countryside of Italy. Yet it has a long history as actually being a Greek dish many years ago. In actuality, the name “Lasagna” meant a type of dish or bowl in the Greek Language, which was used to bake with.

Later, early Romans used the same type of dish calling it a Lasagnum, as the food served in the dish was pasta and meats layered and baked. This aromatic and flavorful dish made its way to Britain where it made it into the first known cookbook. The early Italians later changed the name to simply ” Lasagna.” Today, there are so many varieties of Lasagna the list are nearly endless.

In current day it is universally known as Italian food Lasagna. There is Lasagna recipes filled with meat and exotic cheeses as well as recipes with roasted vegetables. No matter a person’s desire there is a Lasagna dish to appease. Italian herb infused sauces covering delicate pasta and seasoned meat, as well as delicious vegetable Lasagna with creamy white sauce. Unbelievably delicious and robust enough to satisfy any Roman Legionnaire. Continue reading

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