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Easy Lasagna Recipes

Easy Mexican-Inspired Lasagna Recipe

Mexican Lasagna is a real treat for dinner on any night. If you are looking for an easy Mexican lasagna recipe then you will like the one featured below it is a fast and easy recipe to make, and the flavor is great. This lasagna is not only great for dinner but is also a great dish to take to a potluck or reunion. Follow this recipe and watch how fast it disappears once served. Do you have finicky eaters in your home, or teenagers who love Mexican food? Then this easy Mexican lasagna recipe should be in your recipe file.

Combining deliciously spiced ground beef, shredded cheese, nacho chips, and salsa, this is made with the perfect ingredients that everyone loves. This layered lasagna has just the right amount of spiciness and melted cheese goodness that kids will be begging for more. For that matter, so will the adults. It has comfort food written all over it and is the perfect quick dinner entrée. This recipe’s preparation time is only about 15 minutes and the baking time is around half an hour.

This wonderful cheesy Mexican lasagna recipe will go great with an easy avocado salad. Serve refreshing iced tea or lemonade to quench the thirst and you have the perfect meal choice. This Mexican lasagna recipe is full of healthy calcium, protein and it is also a great source of fiber. Even the youngest family member will love it. The next time you are feeling like Mexican food, try this easy Mexican lasagna recipe. You and your family will be glad you did, because it blends Italian and Mexican cuisines seamlessly and the result is just perfect. Continue reading

Easy Recipe for Italian Lasagna

Imagine the earthy aroma of mushrooms sautéing on the stove with fresh onion. The sizzle of fresh ground beef browning in a large pot over the stove. Just a bit later the rich fragrance of sun ripened tomatoes simmering into a delectable sauce. Hints of oregano and basil carried on a breeze waft to your nostrils. Imagine this tantalizing aroma and you have imagined an authentic Italian kitchen as an Italian Lasagna meal is prepared. Rich, aromatic and simply stated; perfect.

Fresh baked beef Lasagna is a meal that will satisfy the most ferocious of appetites. Hearty beef and creamy cheese infused with aromatic spices and earthy mushrooms. This meal easily serves six to eight hungry people. It is easy to make and requires just a few simple steps to make a wonderful meal.

To make the best baked beef Lasagna always use the freshest ingredients. This enhances the flavor of this easy Italian Lasagna meal enormously. Continue reading

Delicious Family Beef Lasagna is Easy

When you want a delicious beef Lasagna you do not have to buy grocery store frozen Lasagna. It is not even necessary to go out to an Italian restaurant for a delicious beef Lasagna. All you have to do is make this very easy beef Lasagna. You will have the best beef Lasagna on your table for miles around. Fresh ground beef and Italian spices with ripe tomatoes layered with noodles and creamy melted cheese makes a meal fit for company.

Beef Lasagna is perhaps the second best loved Italian dish among Italian food recipes for everyone. It is a dish that has been prepared throughout the years for many a family meal. The key to the perfect beef Lasagna is in the sauce. Use the freshest herbs and spices for the perfect taste. Even the youngest family member will enjoy this meal.

Every mother wants to prepare healthy and nutritious food her family will love to eat. This easy beef Lasagna fits that requirement easily. Healthy vitamin rich chopped tomatoes and tomato paste offer an abundance of Vitamin C, Potassium, Iron, and the powerful antioxidant Lycopene. Additionally, vitamin rich lean ground beef provides family members with healthy doses of Protein, Vitamin B-12, and Zinc. Not to mention healthy doses of Calcium in the cheese of this easy beef Lasagna recipe. Continue reading

One of the Simplest Recipes Ground Beef Lasagna

Lasagna is perhaps the most well known of Italian entrees, second only to Spaghetti. This oven baked dish has a long history in Europe. Originally a Greek dish of meats and cheeses baked in a brick oven using local available ingredients. It was not until the early Romans adopted the dish and it spread to Britain that it became known as Lasagna.

Today, Lasagna is most typically associated with Italian food and the rich earthy cheeses of the area. Typically, when one thinks of Lasagna the picture of vine ripe tomatoes, rich tomatoes sauces, herbs and cheese are envisioned. Baked to a golden brown with rich flavor and melted rich cheese among a layer of pasta. A glass of wine and hearty conversation around the table completes the picture.

Such is the picture and such is the case in most every home that enjoys Lasagna. Rich herb infused tomato meat sauce, rich and creamy melted cheeses baked to perfection. Family and friends gather to enjoy hearty helpings of beef lasagna isolated on a white dinner platter. A sparkling white dinner plate is the perfect frame for beef lasagna isolated to showcase the richness and perfection. A glass of delicious red wine for the adults and cool refreshing lemonade for the youngsters finishes it off just right. Traditional lasagna cooked to perfection at its best for your family to enjoy. Continue reading

Making Easy Lasagna Recipe is Easy and Entertaining

Cooking Italian cuisine calls for several types of kitchen pots and pans, as well as utensils. A pasta pot is a great thing to have. Not only is it used to cook the long noodles found in many Italian recipes, it is a fantastic pot for cooking soups and stews. Both 10-inch and 12-inch skillets with tight-fitting lids are equally useful. Spaghetti sauce tends to splatter when simmering and a cover will prevent a lengthy cleanup. When making your own special sauce, make a double batch and freeze the second half for the next lasagna or pasta recipe.

A sharp peeler for carrots and sharp knives for cutting garlic, celery, and onions make the work easier. Measuring spoons are very inexpensive and two sets lets you measure liquids with one set and dry items such as herbs and spices with the other. A slotted spoon and tongs are other utensils that will make the job easier.

Use oil, butter, or non-stick spray to keep the sauce from sticking in the pan. Use fresh herbs when they are available and allow for the conversion between fresh and dried herbs. Growing an indoor herb garden is fun and provides a ready supply of some of the most frequently used herbs found in recipes. Continue reading

Perfect Ingredients for a Basic Lasagna Recipe

Basic lasagna consists of pasta, sauce and some type of cheese. Other ingredients turn this everyday dish into something special. Cheese, of course, is vital because of the different colors and flavors available. Tangy sharp cheddar with its incredible orange and fresh mozzarella with its delicate white provides a pronounced statement to the meal. A blend of Colby Jack cheese renders both colors and flavors and since appeal is a big part of appreciating a meal, cheese plays a big part in lasagna.

Vegetables are wonderful additions to lasagna. Add yellow zucchini squash to lasagnas with white sauce and green zucchini to lasagnas featuring red sauce. Fresh or frozen spinach brings a lovely decoration to the filling between layers and is equally nice with pieces scattered across the top. Celery, garlic, and onions add flavor and consistency. A favorite vegetable is not really a vegetable at all.

Tomatoes are really a fruit but serve as a vegetable in many dishes, including sauces, salads, and lasagna. Tomatoes, like potatoes, gained a reputation as poisonous for many centuries because they are a member of the nightshade family and have quite a bit of acid, especially when green. Once ripe tomatoes gained acceptance as an edible food, they became a basic part of cuisine, particularly that of the Mediterranean area. Continue reading

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