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Lasagna Recipes

Classic Lasagna with Creamy Bechamel Sauce

If you are searching for easy lasagna recipes, you might have a classic lasagna recipe in mind. The following one shows you how to make lasagna with beef and bechamel sauce. This delicious, hearty, and totally authentic lasagna recipe does not take long to make and you probably already have most of the ingredients in your refrigerator or cupboards.

Like most lasagna recipes, this one is made in layers. There is one meat layer but there are a couple of cheese and sauce layers. The lasagna is topped with cheese and butter for a creamy and luxurious finish. You can serve up to ten people with this lasagna (perhaps eight is a more realistic estimate, if they have good appetites) or you can freeze it for up to three months.

The following recipe does not require much equipment but you will need a 13 x 9 inch dish to cook it in. A round dish is not a good replacement because lasagna noodles are rectangular. Invest in a 13 x 9 inch dish if you do not already have one; there are lots of sweet and savory recipes you can use it for. Continue reading

Easy Recipe for Red Wine Lasagna

Imagine the earthy aroma of mushrooms sautéing on the stove with fresh onion. The sizzle of fresh ground beef browning in a large pot over the stove. Just a bit later the rich fragrance of sun ripened tomatoes simmering into a delectable sauce. Hints of oregano and basil carried on a breeze waft to your nostrils. Imagine this tantalizing aroma and you have imagined an authentic Italian kitchen as an Italian Lasagna meal is prepared. Rich, aromatic and simply stated; perfect.

Fresh baked beef Lasagna is a meal that will satisfy the most ferocious of appetites. Hearty beef and creamy cheese infused with aromatic spices and earthy mushrooms. This meal easily serves six to eight hungry people. It is easy to make and requires just a few simple steps to make a wonderful meal.

To make the best baked beef Lasagna always use the freshest ingredients. This enhances the flavor of this easy Italian Lasagna meal enormously. Continue reading

Heavenly Lasagna with White Sauce

Easy creamy Italian Lasagna Bolognese is very simple to make. The secret is in the Bechamel sauce and is so creamy and delicious. The spices in this easy dish create an aromatic bouquet that drifts through the air. The delicious aroma will tantalize the taste buds of all within a block of your kitchen.

It is easy to prepare this wonderful recipe and the flavors are awesome. Fresh ingredients make this easy lasagna superb in flavor and taste. The flavors of this Italian lasagna will have your taste buds dancing to a secret Italian tune in crescendo!

This Italian Lasagna on a plate will set the scene for any romantic dinner with a glass of red wine to quench the thirst. A bouquet of red roses in the center of the table will create the perfect setting. The smooth and flavorful lasagna and creamy melted cheese will warm the heart of anyone that tastes the infusion of delectable flavors. Enjoy this lasagna on a plate with a loved one or your entire family to really appreciate the goodness life has to offer. Continue reading

Fantastic Spinach Lasagna Rolls

These easy Italian Lasagna rolls are an easy dinner recipe that your family will simply love. In just a matter of a few easy steps you can create this easy and beautiful meal. The flavor of this easy Italian Lasagna rolls recipe is so delectable too. Even the kids will devour this delicious dish and never complain about the spinach! It is a great way to get iron and fiber rich nutrients into the diet of any picky child. It is such a creamy dish with the melted cheeses and sauce, that you might even catch the kids scraping the pan.

The best way to really appreciate this easy Italian Lasagna rolls recipe is to use the freshest ingredients possible. The freshness of the ingredients will really enhance the infused flavors. Try to use at least 80% lean ground beef and fresh parsley with this recipe. You will be pleasantly amazed at the surprising results in the overall taste.

You will want fresh button mushrooms as well, making sure they are firm to the touch. This will give the sauce a decidedly earthy taste that really goes well in this recipe. The fresh grated Parmesan cheese will be the final ingredient to really make this recipe superb. Continue reading

Authentic Lasagna Bolognese Recipe

This wonderful Italian Lasagna Bolognese recipes heralds as far back as the early Roman days. In the early fourteenth century layers of cheese and meat of various types was invented. The layers later incorporated many different cheeses and vegetables to create savory baked dishes. The Italian Lasagna Bolognese is a recipe from those early times. The recipe has been carried through the centuries with each cook adding his or her own special herbs or seasonings.

In reality, true Italian cooking was and is very simple. Typically ingredients that were plentiful were used, such as various cheeses of a particular region. The flavors of the Italian Lasagna Bolognese were distinct to each region and family in Italy. Fontana, Parmigiana, or Mozzarella cheese was the cheeses used most often in the Italian Lasagna Bolognese recipes.

Traditionally speaking, Italian Lasagna Bolognese is made with a rich Béchamel sauce. The meat of this famous dish is typically half ground lean beef and half ground pork. This meat combination gives the sauce a very rich taste. Continue reading

Savory Freshly Baked Beef Lasagne Verdi

This easy freshly baked beef lasagne Verdi is perfectly seasoned with just a bit of fire in the spicy Italian sausage. Infused with fresh herbs and creamy melted cheese this wonderful entree will be the centerpiece for a family gathering. Young and old will adore this easy lasagne dish. The fresh herbs lend a wonderful taste sensation to this easy baked lasagne.

Spicy Italian sausage with browned ground beef really gives this freshly baked beef lasagne a flavor that is superb. Making this wonderful dish with the aroma from the sausage, beef, and mushrooms is exquisite. After adding the herbs and tomatoes to create the sauce the bouquet of flavor that permeates throughout the kitchen is unsurpassed.

Not only is this freshly baked beef lasagne Verdi sensational in taste it is very healthy too. It is loaded with antioxidants such as Lycopene to ward off free radicals in the body. Additionally, it is brimming with Vitamins A, C, D, E, and healthy fiber. There is an abundance of Vitamin B-1, B-2 and B-3 as well as Vitamin K for a very healthy main entree. Continue reading

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