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Food of Love Heart-Shaped Pizza

Whether Valentine’s Day is coming up soon or you simply want to make something to put a smile on your partner’s or child’s face, this heart-shaped pizza is definitely the way to go. You can either make one large pizza or four individual ones, as you prefer. We are keeping things simple, using sauce, mozzarella and tomatoes, as well as a little oregano, or else you can use your own preferred toppings, like mushrooms, pepperoni, onion, olives, or anything else you would like to add.

We are using thawed bread dough to make the crust, since readymade heart-shaped crusts can be a little more difficult to find, even close to Valentine’s Day! Thaw the bread dough according to the instructions on the package, then you can either stretch or roll it out, making a heart shape which is pretty much even in thickness. Try to get it about an inch thick. You can either make one or four separate ones if you have enough baking trays. Use any kind of pizza sauce you want, either bottled or homemade, then you can add the cheese and tomatoes.

If you are using regular tomatoes, chop them and discard the seeds. You only need the flesh because the seeds can make the pizza soggy if you are using a lot of tomato. Another option is using cherry tomatoes, either halved, quartered or chopped. Then you can add anything else you like – tuna, olives, cooked chicken or shrimp, pineapple – the sky is the limit really! Bake the crust in the oven for 10 minutes first, before adding the sauce and toppings, then give it another 10 to 20 minutes, or until it is done. Continue reading

The Best Vegetarian Pizza

The thing that makes vegetarian pizza such a delight is the fact that it is topped by all of the tastiest vegetables that you can find. While many people erroneously believe that vegetarian pizza lacks in flavor, the reality is that the vegetarian pizza has a light, subtle flavor that cannot be enjoyed when smothered by the flavors of meat toppings. Thanks to the fact that only vegetables are used for vegetarian pizza, you will find that all of the flavors harmonize to make one delicious pizza.

The vegetarian pizza recipe below calls for some of the tastiest vegetables you will find. The rich flavors of tomato sauce, cheese, and pizza crust are contrasted by the light flavor of the artichokes, the tangy olive flavor, and the combined delights of onions and red bell peppers. In the end, what you get is a pizza that is as healthy as it is delicious.

Most men prefer to avoid the vegetarian pizza, but you may be surprised to find that a number of men will come to love this simple pizza. The recipe is easy enough to follow, and you can get creative and experiment with the vegetables that you prefer in order to get the best vegetarian pizza. Continue reading

Homemade Organic Vegetarian Pizza Recipe Mushrooms

Vegetarians often find that pizza walks the line between the foods they can eat and not eat. On the one hand, the dough, tomato sauce, mushrooms, and other vegetable toppings are the perfect meal for them. On the other hand, many vegetarians prefer to not eat cheese, and the pepperoni and other meat toppings cannot be eaten.

The vegetarian pizza recipe laid out below uses only the best of the vegetable toppings with an organic cheese to create the perfect pizza. Melted onto a thick pizza crust, the cheese is a light, flavorful organic cheese that is not processed in any way. The toppings are all the favorite vegetable toppings, including mushrooms, onions, and even some broccoli for good measure.

You will find that this recipe truly is a delight, and all of your friends will agree that the simple pizza will be a tasty dish for any occasion. The best thing about your homemade pizza is that you can make it however you want, and you will find that the following recipe can be customized and altered however you want. Continue reading

Recipe for Best Homemade Pizza

There is nothing that most kids love better than a delicious slice of pizza, and what better way to serve them something as healthy and delicious as possible than by preparing a delicious homemade pizza? You will find that homemade pizza can be one of the most popular meals, and, despite the fact that it will be a good deal of work to prepare the pizza, it is not too difficult to make. The recipe to follow is very simple, and the homemade pizza can be prepared in an hour or so for the entire family to enjoy.

The following pizza recipe is the standard Italian style pizza with a thin crust, fresh tomatoes baked on top, and a generous sprinkling of basil and oregano on the top. However, this pizza has a unique twist to it: a sprinkling of mint that infuses the pizza with a delicious and unique flavor. The combination of the mint, basil, oregano, rich tomato sauce, and strong cheese will be the perfect dinner for any occasion.

The best thing about homemade pizza: it can be as healthy as you want. There is no need to purchase tomato sauce pre-packaged, but you can enjoy everything 100% natural for your pizza. By following the recipe below, you are guaranteed the best homemade pizza with a unique twist. Continue reading

Homemade Italian Style Pizza

Despite beliefs to the contrary, Italians did not invent pizza, but that honor belongs to an American. However, Italians certainly have improved pizza since the day that it was invented, and you will find that the Italian style of pizza is a simple one that is delightful and flavorful. Making your own homemade Italian pizza can be one of the best ways to enjoy the unique cuisine from Italy in the comfort of your own home.

The Italian pizza differs slightly from American pizza. The main difference is that the tomato sauce is much more acidic, the pizza crust is very thin, and there are few toppings used aside from tomatoes and green herbs. Making this style of pizza by following the recipe below can be a lot of fun, and you will find that making pizza has never been easier.

While this style of pizza may not be what you are used to, you will quickly find yourself growing to love Italian style pizza. The combination of the rich cheese with the tangy acidity of the tomato sauce and the salty crust has always been a popular mix, but the fresh tomatoes, basil, and oregano added as the toppings will be the perfect way to enjoy your pizza. Continue reading

Delicious Mushroom Pizza Recipes

Making your own pizza is one of the best ways to feed your family and friends a meal that is as equally healthy as it is delicious, and you will find that making pizza at home can be a lot of fun. You can use a pizza stone to cook it, or you can place it directly in the oven. You can have a great time experimenting with the best ways to make homemade pizza that will delight your entire family.

The homemade pizza recipe below calls for mushrooms to be sprinkled liberally on top of the pizza, a topping that is a popular favorite among many. A few onions and a pineapple slice or two are the perfect complement for this pizza, which is sprinkled with a helping of delicious Gouda cheese. With your own homemade crust and a can of delicious tomato sauce to finish off the recipe, this homemade pizza is guaranteed to satisfy.

The thing that makes homemade pizza so great is the fact that you can make it fairly simply. It will take a bit of work to make, as the dough must rise and the tomato sauce must boil for a while. Despite the actual time it takes to make your homemade pizza, you will find that it will be a fun activity that you can enjoy with your kids any day of the week. Continue reading

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