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Resourceful Pizza Recipe without Oven

Sometimes you are really in the mood for pizza, but you have neither an oven nor a delivery service on hand. Alternatively, maybe you are in the dorms and you are looking for something quick and easy to make, while still retaining the flavors that you love. One particular pizza recipe without oven makes use of the microwave or, ideally, a toaster oven. You do not have to worry about making it without having everything on hand, because it uses tortillas as the crust.

If you are looking to avoid a lot of muss and fuss that comes with making everything from scratch, this is definitely the way to go. Most pantries have tortillas available at all times, and you can get the toppings, cheese, and sauce easy enough. The only cooking that you need to worry about with this pizza recipe without oven is when you throw it in the microwave and fire it up. There are a few ways that can improve this recipe, especially if you have a hot plate, but they are not essential to completing the dish.

While you might want to be in a situation where you have access to an oven, this is not always possible. When that happens, it is always good to have the option to still have your delicious pizza. Continue reading

Classic Brick Oven Pizza Recipe

If you ask someone what their favorite type of pizza is, one of the choices that comes up again and again is a brick oven pizza recipe. It just has that great amount of char, with a crisp crust and all sorts of toppings that are simply delicious. However, it is a great mystery as to how to replicate this taste at home. It can be quite difficult to work that kind of high heat cooking into a conventional oven, but you can match the taste and style quite closely if you work at it.

This classic brick oven pizza recipe is not quite the same as what you would end up getting in a real brick oven, but that is more because your home oven is much more limited as to the amount of heat that you can get from it. However, with a pizza stone you can get the heat up pretty high, and generate that crispy crust that everyone loves.

The toppings that you use for this type of pizza tend to be more traditional Italian, especially when you want ingredients that are going to stand up to the super high heat that you’re going to end up using. Both meat and cheese selection needs to be carefully picked because of this. Continue reading

Supreme Pizza Ingredients Make the Pie

The Supreme Pizza with all of the regular pizza ingredients is a popular one among many who want to get the most out of their pizza, and the rich combination of flavors makes the Supreme Pizza one of the best that can be found in local restaurants and pizza establishments. Making your own Supreme pizza is a matter of simply chopping up the right ingredients and using them as the topping for your delicious homemade pizza crust.

The Supreme Pizza recipe below calls for homemade pizza dough, cooked in the oven until stiff, as the base of the pizza. The canned tomato sauce is followed by the best Gouda cheese you can find, and is topped by mushrooms, onions, ham, bell peppers, and a few sun dried tomatoes. All in all, this Supreme Pizza recipe is guaranteed to delight your family and set your mouth watering.

The best thing about this pizza: it is a fairly low fat meal. You can enjoy the vegetable toppings on the pizza, and you can even use some turkey ham or turkey breast for the meat topping. The cheese can be purchased low-fat or even fat-free, and you will find that your meal is made even tastier if you choose to change the pizza crust recipe for one with whole wheat dough. Even if you leave the pizza exactly as it is, it will still be a healthy recipe that will be as delicious as you could ask for. Continue reading

Delightful Thin Crust Hawaiian Pizza Recpie

Hawaiian Pizza has always been one of the most controversial pizzas since the day it was created. Some people do not understand how anyone can eat a pizza without the sweet pineapple topping the crust, while others cannot stand the pineapple and think anyone who likes it to be ridiculous. In any crowd you will usually see someone that has picked the pineapple off the pizza, but that has not stopped the Hawaiian pizza from being one of the most popular pizzas in the country.

The Hawaiian pizza recipe below is a unique one, as it calls for small strips of dried seaweed to top the pizza alongside the ham and pineapple. The cheese and tomato sauce used for the pizza are standard, but the tiny strips of dried seaweed add a slightly salty flavor to the pizza that makes it delightful and rich.

You may find that this pizza is simply too controversial for some people, but it will be a delight for those who are willing to try it. The combination of flavors is unique and enjoyable, despite the fact that it looks much like an Oriental pizza. If you can get your friends to try this pizza, you will find that they will come to love it as much as you do. Continue reading

Delicious Chicken and Vegetable Pizza

This chicken pizza is a great way to get your vegetables, and if you choose a low fat crust, part skim dairy products, and a lighter quantity of cheese, it is also one that will be pretty healthy. That is two great things in one chicken and mushroom pizza recipe!

Your family will love it, too. When is the last time your kids asked for more servings of their veggies? Just remember to use fresh, high quality ingredients and avoid canned ones. There is a real taste difference when the recipe is done. Using a premade crust makes the cooking go faster, so you can have fresh baked pizza, even after a long day at work.

Once your pizza crust has been browned, it is time to add your cheese, chicken and vegetables, along with some basil. The pizza just needs to bake them, until the edges of the crust are golden brown and the cheese has melted attractively over the top. This delicious feast is then ready to serve to your hungry family, and it is sure to go down a real treat with them. Continue reading

French Bread Pizza Recipe with a Twist

This is a wonderful French bread pizza recipe to make whenever you have a craving for a quick pizza. Do not worry about the sauce; just grab a loaf of French bread and cut it open. Coat the inside with butter and garlic, and then load it up with toppings. Pop it in the oven and before you know it you have a delicious pizza. You may find that this recipe fast becomes a new favorite in your house. It is so fast and easy to make it can easily become one of those recipes you automatically reach for on those busy nights.

Beach bread is a regional name for this simple French bread pizza without sauce. It makes a quick and easy appetizer, snack, or lunch. You could even have it for a light supper if you wish. Serve it with a nice side salad to round out the meal. Do not limit yourself to our toppings; use your favorites and top them with cheese. You can even make it into a gourmet recipe by using blue cheese crumbles instead of provolone. Do not be afraid to experiment.

This is a very fast recipe. Your prep time should not run you more than 15 minutes or so. The pizza cooks for 10 minutes, so you can have this food ready in less than half an hour. Invite the kids into the kitchen and let everyone put their own toppings on for individual French bread pizzas. Everyone will love having their own made just the way they like it. Topping suggestions include mushrooms, spinach, sliced zucchini, onions, bell peppers, chopped herbs, sausage, pepperoni, or anything else that comes to mind. You can also use whatever loaves of bread you have on hand, like Italian or even challah bread. Continue reading

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