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Seafood Pizza

Shrimp Scampi Pizza

This shrimp scampi pizza is flavored wholly with shrimp, garlic, and mozzarella to let the flavor of the shrimp shine through. Scampi refers to a shrimp based dish in the United States or shelled shrimp deep-fried in breadcrumbs in the United Kingdom.

In this shrimp scampi pizza recipe, the shrimp is cooked with the garlic and seasoned before being added to a pizza crust and topped with mozzarella. This is the best shrimp scampi pizza recipe by far and is delicate enough to serve in tiny wedges as an appetizer. Be careful when you are sautéing the shrimp that you stop the second is just done. Cooking it too long might make it rubbery and that will impair the flavor of the shrimp pizza.

Shrimp often comes to mind when considering seafood pizza. It is one of the most popular seafood toppings actually, along with anchovies which offer a completely different flavor to the soft, juiciness of the shrimp. This pizza is different from some other seafood topped ones though because of the other ingredients used with the shrimp. This recipe is beautifully simple but this only means you can expect an exquisite flavor, and not have anything else clashing with the flavor of the shrimp, since they are your primary ingredient. Continue reading

Seafood Pizza Recipe with Pineapple

Seafood pizza is a nice alternative to the traditional cheese and tomato pie, and there are so many different options. This one features crab, shrimp, mushrooms, and pineapple as seafood pizza toppings, as well as sliced black olives. If you are concerned about fat content, consider using low fat cheeses – just make sure that they melt well. Imitation crab meat can also be used, but will not have the same kind of flavor.

Use this pizza with your favorite medium thickness crust recipe, or simply purchase a premade crust from the grocery store. While fresh is certainly better, these can be extremely convenient. You will love this delicious seafood pizza recipe!

Seafood not only makes a change from beef, pork and chicken when using it as a pizza topping, but it also adds an elegant touch to the dish. Seafood is capable of doing that to any dish whether you are using it to add elegance to a pasta or risotto dish, including it in a salad, or using it in a sandwich recipe. You do not need a lot of seafood to make an exquisite pizza either. Just a few items will give your pizza gourmet status and qualify it as a true seafood pizza recipe. Consider finishing the pizza off by adding a few cooked clams or mussels in their shells, for picture-perfect presentation. Continue reading

Spinach and Shrimp Pizza Recipe

There are grilled pizza recipes and baked pizza recipes and most of them are interchangeable depending on your mood and the weather! The following shrimp pizza recipe combines spinach, cheese, mushrooms and shrimps, which all go wonderfully together.

Herbs are used to add flavor and the sauce for this shrimp pizza recipe is a combination of milk, garlic and cornstarch rather than the traditional tomato based pizza sauce, because the more delicate white sauce goes better with the delicately flavored seafood topping. Whether you are making grilled pizza recipes or baked pizza recipes, it is vital to keep an eye on the pizza while cooking to ensure you remove it from the oven as soon as the cheese has melted.

Shrimp can be used on all kinds of pizzas because, just like chicken, it is a versatile ingredient, and will team with pretty much any flavors such as spicy ones or even the sweetness of fruit. This recipe features aromatic hints such as oregano, basil and garlic. The pinkness of the shrimp paired with the vivid green of the spinach and the yellow cheese makes this a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate. The creamy, homemade garlic sauce is really decadent too, and preparing it is a breeze. This is a well-rounded pizza which is sure to appeal to pizza fans everywhere. Continue reading

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