The Very Best Homemade Lasagna Recipes

There are few things as comforting, soothing and tasty as homemade lasagna. This delicious meal descends from an ancient Greek dish and is one of the most popular foods in Italy. Lasagna appeared in the first cookery book ever written in the UK, although the ancient recipe does not mention tomatoes or meat. It does describe a cheese-topped pasta base though and this is where lasagna derived from if you want to know the history of lasagna.

Pasta disappeared from the British diet for a while when the explorers introduced potatoes, although it has been consistently popular in Italy. There are other famous pasta recipes of course, but lasagna holds a special place in many people’s hearts because of its sterling reputation and delicious flavor.

Few Italian meals can bring such a rich and full aroma and body to the dinner table like lasagna does. It is something that kids and grownups both love, and that applies to traditional lasagna recipes as well as modern ones made with readymade pasta or jars of sauce, and even experimental ones with exotic vegetables, international spices, and unusual ingredients. Lasagna is always mouthwatering, aromatic and supremely satisfying however you make it.

The Wonder of Homemade Lasagna

Lasagna is very simple to prepare, even if you are pushed for time. The great thing about making your own lasagna is that you can prepare and assemble it hours or days in advance and cook it when necessary. This means that if you are a busy cook and you have kids to take care of and chores to do, you can make the lasagna when you have a free half an hour, and then just pop it in the oven when you want to cook it. You can also cook several lasagnas at once and freeze some, then all you need to do later on is place a frozen one in the oven until it is cooked through and piping hot.

Making your own lasagna means you can individualize it and make it your own by using your preferred ingredients and chosen herbs and spices. Even vegetarians can enjoy tofu or eggplant lasagna instead of meaty ones. Lasagna is a great dish to experiment with, even if you happen to be a beginner cook. Although classic lasagna from scratch would feature homemade pasta, you can use readymade pasta and still get great results. Some of the tastiest lasagna recipes have been passed down through the generations and families tend to keep these as a zealously guarded secret.

How to Make Amazing Lasagna Recipes

One or two herbs or spices can make or break your lasagna recipe and a lot of cooks are aware of this fact. Maybe your family has its own lasagna recipe which your mom and perhaps your grandmother also made regularly, in which case you might already know how to make lasagna to die for, and which herbs and spices to use to bring out the aromatic, robust qualities of the best lasagna recipes.

Lasagna is a great dish to bring to a gathering or potluck supper because you can make it quickly. If you are using prepared pasta and a jar of tomato sauce, you can make it in less than half an hour. The cooking time for this dish is quite fast and lasagna can feed a crowd in a hurry. They will all feel satisfied too because lasagna is rich-flavored and filling.

New Spins on an Old Classic

Lasagna can be made as it is or experimented with. You can also try new vegetables or types of meats in your lasagna recipes to improve your own recipe for lasagna. Make sure you adjust the spices along with the meat or vegetables though, especially if you are adding vegetables like zucchini or eggplant which require extra spices. You will also need to be careful not to add anything which will overwhelm the flavor of the lasagna. Herbs, spices, and seasonings should complement the lasagna taste, not drown it out.

This delicious recipe is often one of the first dishes a beginner cook will make. All you need to do is assemble the lasagna and add some bread, a salad, and perhaps a dessert, and you will have a wonderful meal ready to serve to your family.

Another great thing about lasagna is that it is just as tasty (some would argue it is even better) when reheated the following day, so you can make a big batch of homemade lasagna and cook it whenever you are ready, freezing the rest in portions to reheat whenever convenient. Lasagna is delicious enough to ensure everyone will be pleased whenever they smell it in the oven or see it on the dining table. Nobody ever gets tired of this true comfort food classic.

So, enjoy browsing our extensive collection of the best lasagna recipes and happy cooking!




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