Pizza Dough and Crust

How to Make the Best Pizza Dough

Pizza dough is largely a matter of preference. Some people love thin and crispy pizza dough recipes. Others are more partial to a soft, thick bread base. It also depends on the pizza toppings you are using. You can use shop bought pizza dough of course but making your own means that you can choose the exact type of pizza base you want and make it exactly the shape and size you prefer. You also have freedom with any herbs or spices you might like to add. Making your own dough allows you to be more creative.

Pizza Dough Varieties

You can make gluten free pizza dough or low carb pizza dough if need be and these taste just as good as regular pizza dough recipes. You might like to try your hand at making a whole-wheat pizza dough. This type of pizza base is wonderful with a cheese, broccoli and ham topping or anything hearty. Whether you want to use a food processor, stand mixer or your hands, we will show you how to make perfect pizza dough time after time.


Pizza Dough and Crust:




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