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3 Cheese Spaghetti Carbonara with Ham

If you are an Italian food purist this is not the recipe for you I break with the normal food conventions in this dish and expand upon the taste pallet to introduce this classic dish to a few new culinary friends. See one of the things I am constantly striving for in my sites is an angle that is new and fresh.

Now this isn’t to say I don’t respect traditional forms of cooking and don’t serve up some classic dishes the way they were intended. I am just saying I like to stretch the envelope of the food experience and say what if they had done this. Now most times it works as I have a very good understanding of how herbs, spices and ingredients combine and work together, but I too have my occasional flop that just falls short (those don’t make it to the sites). But when I get that look in my guys’ eyes I just know hay we have a winner and we have to share it with all of you.

The following is just such a recipe. It is similar to a family favorite I make called fried scetti but it is different and is most like a traditional spaghetti carbonara recipe with a few tweaks. One I use pancetta or ham in place of the bacon and two I add a three cheese combination for an extra cheesy delight. Now as I have sometimes been criticized in the past for being a bit heavy on the cheese if you feel this recipe is a bit too cheesy for your liking cut back on it a bit just try and maintain the ratios of the three cheeses. Now with that said a recipe is always just a starting point modify it to your liking if you are one way or another on any individual ingredient. It is not the law you can go over 65 and no ticket will be issued. Continue reading

3-Cheese and Spinach Fettuccine

This is such a luxurious dish and if you like your pasta recipes creamy you will love this one. Spinach combines with 3 kinds of cheese, as well as milk and cream, for a very creamy texture. A little cayenne and cinnamon, along with garlic, add an aromatic touch to the dish. You can use fresh or frozen spinach in this dish. It does not need to be fully cooked, just plunged into boiling water if it is fresh, or cooked until the leaves separate if you are using the frozen kind.

The recipe makes enough for 4 people, but it is very easy to double if you are serving a crowd. Serve this just as it is or add a simple tomato salad if you want a contrasting, tasty side dish. A lightly chilled, fruity red wine (Italian of course) would be good with this dish, or even a medium-bodied white. As for dessert, stick to fresh fruit or something quite light, since this dish is so rich and luxurious, so you get a nice contrast.

Making this is simple. You will be cooking the sauce in one pot and the pasta in another, and then combining the two. Because the sauce is quite delicate and has a lot of dairy in there, it is important not only to keep the heat gentle, but also to stir the sauce as often as needed. Feel free to use all milk instead of some milk and some cream if you want a dish that is lower in fat, or even use all cream and no milk if you want it super-luxurious. Continue reading

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