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3-Ingredient Ham and Cheese Rollups

Start your Italian meal in style with our tasty take on antipasti. Although various types of Italian cheese and Italian cured meats are often served individually before an entrée in Italy, we have taken those components, added a little pesto and combined the three to make these rollups. The great thing about this recipe is you can make a huge batch of these in mere minutes, just by being organized, laying out your ingredients and making a lot at once. They are then perfect for an Italian-themed party.

You can use any kind of dried or cured meat to make these – chorizo, salami, Parma ham, Serrano ham, or even a mixture of these. People will be able to see which is which. As for the cheese, pretty much anything goes, so consider mozzarella, Cheddar (not Italian but still good!), cream cheese, ricotta, gorgonzola, or anything you want. Soft cheese is fine as long as it does not get too warm and begin to ooze out, and harder cheeses are also good; if you are using something like parmesan then cut it into lengths rather than using it grated or shredded which could be messy.

A little pesto sauce works well here, both to add another flavor to the appetizer and also to help the meat stay closed around the cheese. You will only need a tiny bit. If you do not want to use basil pesto, try red pesto, a little mayonnaise, black olive tapenade, or anything else which goes well with the meat and cheese flavors. Because they are rolled up, you can serve these little bites as finger food with cocktails or as an appetizer before the entrée. In either case, a couple per person is a good quantity. Make extra if you want (to be sure you do not run out) then cover and refrigerate them so you can enjoy them the next day. Continue reading

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