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a guide to pizza ovens

A Guide to Pizza Ovens

There are different ways to cook pizza and the two most popular are to bake it or to grill it. Perhaps you have not heard of grilled pizza recipes and, if not, you might like to explore this wonderful way of cooking the best pizza recipes.

Grilling can be done outdoors so you do not have to hide in the kitchen while everyone else is enjoying the sun and fun outdoors. Also, this cooking method gives your homemade pizza recipes a wonderful smoky flavor and cooks the toppings perfectly.

However, what if you don’t want to grill your pizzas? In this case, you have the choice of a regular oven or a special pizza oven. You can get huge wood-burning ones like those that you would get in an Italian restaurant or smaller ones, which are specially designed, for at-home use.

Countertop Pizza Ovens

Guide to Pizza OvensThe Stonebake pizza oven, for example, is a small round electric machine, which holds any size of round pizza up to twelve inches across. It has a rotating base to cook the pizza evenly and you can cook a pizza in a Stonebake pizza oven in less than ten minutes.

The Pizza Maker brand of pizza oven uses an intense heat to remove every last drop of excess moisture and give you a crispy pizza with succulent toppings in just five minutes. If you have a hungry family to feed, one of these machines might be a wonderful investment. It is only about fourteen inches in diameter so you can even take it with you on vacation or on long trips in a campervan.

Terracotta pizza stone ovens are slightly bigger and heavier but they still fit on your kitchen counter. If you like the thought of cooking your homemade pizza recipes in something, which looks old, fashioned and very Italian, you might like a Terracotta pizza stone oven.

How to Build a Pizza Oven

Authentic Italian pizza recipes are best if you make them in a wood-fired oven and it might surprise you to discover than learning how to build a pizza oven is not that hard. Decide what size you need (how many pizzas do you want to cook at once?) and then dig a pit the size of the oven you are going to construct. Five inches is deep enough. Use wood to line the sides of the pit and fill it in with concrete. Let the concrete dry completely.

Next, you need to build the fire encasement. Measure one of the bricks you are going to use and draw a line on the concrete slab the same length as the width of the brick plus two inches from the perimeter.

Line three sides of the slab with concrete blocks. When doing the front, remember to leave a space for the oven door. Start to stack the bricks outside the cement blocks, making the oven about two feet high. Use mortar between the concrete blocks and bricks.

Use 2 x 4 planks to make a wooden support inside the fire encasement, then lay plywood on top of this and add another 2 x 4 frame. Pour concrete inside it, and then let it dry. Build the exterior walls up then leave the oven to dry. The final step is to fit the oven door. When you have done that you are ready to start making some great pizza recipes!


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