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asparagus risotto

Authentic Vegetarian Italian Asparagus Risotto

I continue my quest to fill out this category of the site. It just seemed wrong that I had so many pizza and lasagna recipes yet there were just a few risotto recipes. After all risotto is a major Italian dish it left such a void that I felt compelled to fill and I hope you are enjoying the path I am taking to fill it up. I know many of the recipes so far have been vegetarian but I promise to balance this fact out too.

Now there are very many different vegetables that all go well in risotto but asparagus is such a distinct flavor it gives the risotto a very distinguished and elegant flare that others would not. It is bold and makes a statement which in a risotto that is a single vegetable needs a vegetable that is going to stand up and be noticed others would get lost and there are very few that have their own standout flavor. Artichoke would be another but most others are more of a side player not the center stage kind of flavor this will give your risotto.

If using things like peppers I would use a few different ones and this is for both flavor and color they would make a bold statement in appearance and I am not sure I wouldn’t all most leave them raw so they offer a texture contrast. Now you could also use zucchini or summer squash although I think I would lead to both they have just a slight difference in their flavor and once again color wise would be more attractive with both. Not to mention they are both awesome with parmesan cheese although I am of the thought that the cheese can be varied I know this is not strictly authentic but I am of the mind to try a blue or fete cheese for a bold statement while still adding that much need creamy element. I mean there are probably as many different ways to make risotto combinations as place in Italy. Continue reading

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