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authentic lasagna bolognese recipe

Authentic Lasagna Bolognese Recipe

This wonderful Italian Lasagna Bolognese recipes heralds as far back as the early Roman days. In the early fourteenth century layers of cheese and meat of various types was invented. The layers later incorporated many different cheeses and vegetables to create savory baked dishes. The Italian Lasagna Bolognese is a recipe from those early times. The recipe has been carried through the centuries with each cook adding his or her own special herbs or seasonings.

In reality, true Italian cooking was and is very simple. Typically ingredients that were plentiful were used, such as various cheeses of a particular region. The flavors of the Italian Lasagna Bolognese were distinct to each region and family in Italy. Fontana, Parmigiana, or Mozzarella cheese was the cheeses used most often in the Italian Lasagna Bolognese recipes.

Traditionally speaking, Italian Lasagna Bolognese is made with a rich Béchamel sauce. The meat of this famous dish is typically half ground lean beef and half ground pork. This meat combination gives the sauce a very rich taste. Continue reading

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