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authentic recipe for rosa di parma

Authentic Recipe for Rosa di Parma

The Italian province of Parma is famed for Parma ham, and also for this flavorful roasted pork recipe known as ‘Rosi di Parma’ locally. This name means it has a prosciutto and parmesan cheese filling. It is often made with beef but goes just as well with pork, which we are using here. Our recipe makes enough to serve 8 people or maybe even 10 if you have several side dishes. We recommend using the best quality Parmigiano-Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma you can find, to ensure a wonderful and authentic flavor in the finished dish.

Not only this is a very tasty dish but it is also healthy. One serving gives you just 180 calories and 1g carbohydrate, along with 44% of your daily requirement of selenium and 15% of your daily requirement of calcium. Add some flavorful vegetables on the side and you can expect a really tasty meal. Because this is served in slices, it looks impressive, and would be a nice dish to prepare for a dinner party. Offer a selection of antipasti as your appetizer, and then bring out this elegant dish.

You will need a pair of pork tenderloins to make this, each between 1 and 1¼ pounds in weight. Trim off any visible fat then butterfly them. This is easy to do. You will need a sharp chef’s knife. Just cut through to the edge without cutting all the way through, then rotate the pork 180 degrees and repeat. When you open out the 2 flaps you have made, you will end up with a large rectangle of meat. You can then add Parma ham and parmesan cheese and roll it up. The meat is then coated in rosemary, garlic and sage, for an exquisite flavor, before being browned on the stove and then finished off in the oven. Continue reading

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