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baked pasta with turkey and broccoli

Baked Pasta with Turkey and Broccoli

A fantastic way to use up leftover turkey, this recipe is made with pasta, broccoli and other ingredients for an amazing result. Whether you are looking for post-Thanksgiving recipes or you want to cook some turkey from fresh to make this, you are sure to like how all the flavors come together to yield a comfort food style meal. The flavor is mild but very special, and it is also very easy to make. You do not even have to cook the pasta first. Simply combine all the ingredients, tip the mixture into an ovenproof dish, and then you can cook it.

Tantalizing Tweak Ideas

Choose your favorite pasta shapes or use macaroni if you like, or even consider whole wheat pasta for a healthier twist. As well as the pasta and turkey, this dish includes broccoli, and you can use fresh or frozen, as you prefer. Consider swapping it for mushrooms or another vegetable if you prefer. You can even swap the turkey for chicken if you want.

The versatility of this dish does not end there either, because you can change the cheddar for mozzarella or even a mixed Mexican blend, or even swap the cream of chicken soup for cream of cheese soup or celery if you prefer. Don’t dilute the soup before adding it to the mixture, else your baked pasta dish will have too much liquid. After an hour you can add a little more cheese on top and then return the dish to the oven to melt it. Continue reading

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