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Baked Tuna Rigatoni with Peas and Corn

This is a very simple dish to make, and perfect if you want a baked pasta dinner with tuna and vegetables too. Rigatoni is suggested for this recipe, although you could use penne since the 2 are very similar. Fresh peas and corn would also work, but it is quicker and simpler to use the frozen kind, so most people would choose to use that. Onion and garlic feature in this dish as well, and it has cheese and breadcrumbs on top which turn golden brown when you bake the dish.

This is the kind of dish you could serve to the whole family, since it is creamy enough to appeal to even the youngest member of the family, and the bright green and yellow of the peas and corn also add to the visual appeal and make everyone want to grab a fork and get started on this right away. It can be served just by itself or with a side dish of some kind, perhaps garlic bread, a mixed leaf salad, or even some sautéed green asparagus or broccoli.

Baked pasta recipes are good all year round, and this would be just as good during the summer as during the winter, although the cooler months are usually when we tend to crave such dishes more. It is worth keeping pasta and cans of tuna in the pantry and frozen vegetables in the freezer, and then as long as you have the sauce ingredients you can throw this together whenever the family requests it. Continue reading

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