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Perfect Ingredients for a Basic Lasagna Recipe

Basic lasagna consists of pasta, sauce and some type of cheese. Other ingredients turn this everyday dish into something special. Cheese, of course, is vital because of the different colors and flavors available. Tangy sharp cheddar with its incredible orange and fresh mozzarella with its delicate white provides a pronounced statement to the meal. A blend of Colby Jack cheese renders both colors and flavors and since appeal is a big part of appreciating a meal, cheese plays a big part in lasagna.

Vegetables are wonderful additions to lasagna. Add yellow zucchini squash to lasagnas with white sauce and green zucchini to lasagnas featuring red sauce. Fresh or frozen spinach brings a lovely decoration to the filling between layers and is equally nice with pieces scattered across the top. Celery, garlic, and onions add flavor and consistency. A favorite vegetable is not really a vegetable at all.

Tomatoes are really a fruit but serve as a vegetable in many dishes, including sauces, salads, and lasagna. Tomatoes, like potatoes, gained a reputation as poisonous for many centuries because they are a member of the nightshade family and have quite a bit of acid, especially when green. Once ripe tomatoes gained acceptance as an edible food, they became a basic part of cuisine, particularly that of the Mediterranean area. Continue reading

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