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basic pizza dough recipe

Basic Pizza Dough Recipe

Ever seen chefs on TV cooking shows or in movies tossing pizza dough up in the air and turning out perfect pies? It might seem like it is impossible to duplicate their efforts. After all, you do not have access to specialty pizza ovens, the ingredients they can use, or the tools. At least, not without a lot of work.

However, you should not think it is impossible to make good pizza dough at home using the tools, utensils and ingredients you have available. It just takes a little work and the right technique, plus a good pizza dough recipe. The result is one that is perfectly delicious, made at home, without anything expensive. Try it yourself. You will be surprised by how easy this basic pizza dough recipe makes eating homemade pizza.

Some recipes for pizza crust will include ingredients like parmesan, dried mixed herbs, garlic or onion, but this one keeps things basic, offering a nice base for your preferred sauce and toppings. Use bread flour or a high-gluten flour to get the perfect texture. Yes you can substitute all-purpose flour but your crust will not have that lovely chewiness the best pizza crusts and most authentic recipes offer, so it is worth using bread flour. Continue reading

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