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black truffle

Spaghetti with Black Truffle Sauce

Known as ‘trifolati’ in the Umbrian dialect, truffles add a touch of sophistication to any dish. The following recipe is a classic Italian dish which is known locally as ‘spaghetti al tartufi neri’ or spaghetti with black truffles. This is a lovely dish to make if you are having a dinner party and want to impress everyone without having to make something complicated or use a lot of different ingredients.

This recipe can be made with fresh truffles, if you can get them, otherwise use canned ones or even truffle paste. If you are using the first option, wash the truffles in lukewarm water, then use a brush to clean them. You can then slice them really thin using a truffle slicer or sharp knife. A box cheese grater would also work. For the tastiest result, soak the truffle slices in extra-virgin olive oil for 24 hours before proceeding with this dish.

Alternatively just use the black truffle paste you can get in a jar for a result which works quite well but perhaps lacking the finesse of using fresh truffles. You will not need to do any soaking if you use truffle paste. The truffle slices are soaked in oil and then while the spaghetti is cooking you can prepare the sauce. The garlic is sautéed to make it aromatic and soft, then this is combined with the truffle slices and spaghetti to make a simple yet exquisite dish, which is nice served with freshly grated hard cheese on the side, either pecorino or parmesan. Continue reading

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