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bolognese sauce

Kid-Friendly Penne Bolognese

This recipe combines both beef and pork with penne pasta to make a winter warmer of a dish, which will appeal to everyone, young and old alike. In addition to the meat and pasta, you will find vegetables, oregano and garlic in this dish, along with tomatoes and beef bouillon. The penne Bolognese is served with parmesan and basil leaves as an attractive garnish, and every bite boasts wonderful Italian flavor.

Cooked from Fresh is Always Best

Although there might be easier ways to make a Bolognese dish, namely popping open a jar of readymade Bolognese sauce, our aim with this recipe is to show you how easy it can be to create the Bolognese sauce from scratch. It is mainly a case of stirring the ingredients together and allowing the sauce to simmer for an hour while the flavors combine. If you want, you can prepare everything ahead, and spoon the pasta and sauce into a baking dish. Add some cheese on top and refrigerate until required, then you can just bake it for 30 minutes at 375 degrees F, or until the dish is piping hot.

Bolognese sauce often pairs with spaghetti but if you want the flavor of the sauce but you prefer pasta to long ribbons of spaghetti, go ahead and try this recipe, because it works really well. Use another pasta shape if you prefer, like rigatoni, pasta spirals or macaroni. You can stick with only beef or only pork if you do not want to use both meats, and even sneak in some finely chopped carrots. Continue reading

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