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brick oven pizza recipe

Classic Brick Oven Pizza Recipe

If you ask someone what their favorite type of pizza is, one of the choices that comes up again and again is a brick oven pizza recipe. It just has that great amount of char, with a crisp crust and all sorts of toppings that are simply delicious. However, it is a great mystery as to how to replicate this taste at home. It can be quite difficult to work that kind of high heat cooking into a conventional oven, but you can match the taste and style quite closely if you work at it.

This classic brick oven pizza recipe is not quite the same as what you would end up getting in a real brick oven, but that is more because your home oven is much more limited as to the amount of heat that you can get from it. However, with a pizza stone you can get the heat up pretty high, and generate that crispy crust that everyone loves.

The toppings that you use for this type of pizza tend to be more traditional Italian, especially when you want ingredients that are going to stand up to the super high heat that you’re going to end up using. Both meat and cheese selection needs to be carefully picked because of this. Continue reading

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