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Pear and Prosciutto Canapes

Think of Italian food and you might find pizza and pasta are the first dishes that come to mind, but what are you going to serve as your Italian appetizer? If you are having a sit-down dinner, worthy candidates for your first course might include vitello tonnato or Italian artichoke pie, but perhaps you want finger food instead, which is where this recipe comes in very handy. We are using prosciutto di Parma or Parma ham, a wafer thin cured meat, along with pear and goat’s cheese.

The ham is filled with pear and goat’s cheese along with a few salad leaves for added color. You can then drizzle some lemon juice or extra-virgin olive oil (or both) over, before rolling up the canapes and serving them as finger food. Do not add too much oil or lemon juice. You only need a few drops for flavor and you do not want these dripping if they are finger food. Alternatively you can serve them on small plates rather than as finger food, maybe adding some extra salad leaves to the plate as a garnish. These are so quick and easy to prepare.

Prosciutto, or Parma ham, is often served as part of an antipasti platter, along with Italian cheeses and perhaps some olives and nuts as well. It is versatile though. It can be used to wrap chicken breasts before baking them, or it may be fried and crumbled over Italian dishes. Here though we are using it to wrap fruit and cheese, combining meaty, salty, sweet and creamy all in one perfect little mouthful. You can make these a few hours ahead if you want. Just keep them covered and refrigerated. Continue reading

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