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Please Say Cheese Lasagna Recipes

Pasta is so delicious. Created in many different ways, each version reminds everyone around the world how wonderful it is to enjoy the many recipes brought to each country by Italian immigrants and visitors. When you think of the amounts of pasta eaten worldwide, it is very easy to realize that it competes with rice in dispelling world hunger. Centuries have passed since someone discovered how to dry fresh pasta and extend the life of the staple.

Pasta is so much more than long, dry noodles. It can be put into airtight containers for long shelf life, which means it can go camping, sailing or on road trips and be prepared when you make a stop. The different types of shapes have no limit with modern machinery and where culinary artists used to create intricate shapes, today we just have to go down to the grocery or a specialty store to pick up a bag of wheels, shells or stars. Combine them with red or white sauce and a variety of cheese and instantly there is a delicious meal for everyone to enjoy.

It is hard to believe that pasta and tomatoes are recent combinations in recipes. Because tomatoes belong to the nightshade family of plants, they earned a reputation of poison. Perhaps someone just decided cooking would make tomatoes safe to eat. Less than two centuries have passed since the first written pasta recipe with tomatoes included graced a table, but once the brave group that tried it survived, tomatoes became extremely popular. Basil, garlic, and oregano are three of the most popular seasonings in most Italian dishes and continue to extend the popularity of pasta. Continue reading

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Hi I'm Christine, and I am happy you are visiting. Food is a large part of our family's lives, and we love to try new dishes, especially Italian food which offers so much freshness and flavor, whether you are making a classic Italian dish like lasagna or pizza, or experimenting with new appetizers, entrées or desserts from Italy.

Even if you are brand new to this cuisine, you will be able to find all kinds of tempting recipes here. I have been collecting classic Italian recipes, all conveniently in one place, along with unusual recipes from Italy plus some dishes inspired by Italian cuisine.

When the weather is cold, a baked pasta dish or juicy pork or veal recipe might be ideal. During the summer months, an Italian salad might be your dish of choice. We have vegetarian recipes, Italian soups, and even tips on how to work with Italian ingredients for the best results, whether you are making lasagna, gnocchi or an Italian casserole


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