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chicago style pizza recipe

Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza

This old Chicago style pizza is very tasty and the base is homemade. The dough for the base must be refrigerated overnight so allow plenty of time for making it. Mozzarella is used directly on top of the base but you can use half mozzarella and half provolone cheese if you prefer.

Next, you can add your choice of toppings. Sweet Italian sausage is very popular in a traditional Chicago style pizza recipe. The pizza is topped with crushed tomatoes and Parmesan and baked. This is a tasty, filling deep-dish pizza and you can be as creative as you want with the toppings.

These days there are many ways to make pizza. You have stuffed crusts, gourmet pizzas with ingredients like crab or lobster, avocado, and various other delicacies, as well as lots of fusion pizzas with international flair. It is nice to enjoy these but sometimes nothing warms the heart like an old-fashioned pizza recipe. This could be something that reminds you of your childhood perhaps, when pizza in the oven meant a treat for the whole family, or perhaps it will put you mind of when you went to an Italian restaurant with your date and shared a tasty old-fashioned pizza. Continue reading

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