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Rotisserie Chicken and Vegetable Risotto

I use rotisserie chicken in this recipe for two good reasons. One in my area our wholesale club sells great rotisserie chickens and in fact they are cheaper than buying uncooked roasters so I use their electricity to cook instead of mine a good thing. Two they taste so darn good, fire roasted and I can use the leftover carcass to turn into homemade soup. So it really is a practical solution to use them plus it makes this recipe so much easier for a working mom to grab the chicken precooked. I know I run a recipe site but I am still a working mom first and have to think of my fellow moms.

So we have the chicken covered for our dish with the purchase of a rotisserie chicken the veggies are pretty straightforward too so this is as quick as you can basically get with a risotto recipe although you could use a crockpot one I am not a fan of this it is the cooking process that gives risotto its wonderful creamy texture that you lose in a crockpot. One of the things that makes risotto so special is the cooking process is different than most other rice cooking methods such as steaming and boiling. The adding of the liquid at a higher temperature and cooking it down faster than adding more liquid gives risotto a unique texture that the others don’t.

So this is the main reason I only present traditional cooking methods some things I just don’t believe in trying to cut corners when taste is on the line. I do love the crockpot and slow roasting of things like vegetables to save time but the bottom-line is not at the expense of taste. Taste and results are first and foremost not connivance that is not what great food is about. If suffering taste for time I will give time every time. So these risotto recipes are all held close to traditional method as possible because it is just superior and that is what counts. Continue reading

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