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Cold Vegetable Pizza with Dill

Cold vegetable pizza is a common sight at family gatherings and social events. It is easy to prepare, and a lot more interesting than a plain old veggie tray. This quick and easy appetizer is one that almost everyone enjoys, and one of the nice things is that it can be changed to suit the contents of your fridge. While broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower are the most popular, there are many other options that work, including sweet onions, tomatoes and more.

Unlike some other cold vegetable pizza recipes, this one includes dill, which prevents the pizza from being bland. Try preparing everything in advance, including prebaking the crust, making the topping, and chopping all vegetables. That will result in quick assembly and a more flavorful sauce, since the flavors have been allowed to mingle. Do not assemble the pizza early, though. The sauce can make the crust soggy if they are in contact for too long.

Some cold pizzas are just the leftovers of hot ones. Some of us will enjoy cold pizza for breakfast the following morning after ordering or making one, while others will have it cold for lunch. Continue reading

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