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creamy mushroom pasta au gratin

Creamy Mushroom Pasta au Gratin

This lovely recipe teams pasta with a creamy sauce, along with vegetables, for a dinner which is healthy, colorful and very simple to make. What transforms this from something basic to something more impressive is dividing the dish between 4 individual ramekins and adding cheese to each one then broiling them to golden brown perfection. Everyone at the table will be very impressed when they see this lovely dish in front of them.

The first thing to do is cook the pasta to al dente, and you can follow the instructions on the package to do that. Meanwhile you can prepare the sauce by cooking the vegetables, then stirring in the cream. The sauce is beginning to come together by this point, and then you can enhance it further by adding the tuna, as well as some parsley and mustard. The mixture then goes into 4 individual ramekins and then you add cheese on top and broil them until done.

Anything served in an individual ramekin is going to be impressive and, if you are considering comfort food but you want to give it a twist, why not make this recipe? The flavors are amazing and the kids will love this creamy pasta dish just like the grownups do. If you have leftovers (unlikely, but you never know) you can enjoy them cold as a salad the following day, or heat them up in the microwave or a warm oven. Serve this dish with a salad on the side if you like. Continue reading

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