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Delivery Style Pizza Dough Recipe

Delivery style pizza dough recipe was a strangely traditionalist style of pizza for a long time. It sold only one kind of crust, called the regular pizza, and only in two sizes. The pizza dough was shaped by tossing and pulling, and they offered no side orders. Delivery pizza has expanded and diversified a lot since then, with pan pizzas and other types being added. However, original delivery pizza crust is still the same.

This delivery pizza dough recipe aims to capture that unique chewiness that we all recognize and love. Use an electric mixer to speed things up, or just combine by hand for a good workout. Like many other pizza doughs, this one can be refrigerated and frozen for use later. Try it, and experience the great taste of delivery pizza dough in your kitchen.

If you are tired of all the new pizza trends like stuffed crusts or using different kinds of flour or adding other things to the crust to enhance the flavor, this is a great recipe to fall back on. If you do not want a deep-dough or pan pizza, and you are not in the mood for a really thin and crispy one either, consider making this delivery style dough, because you know exactly what you are going to be getting. Continue reading

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