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easy pastitsio recipe

Easy Pastitsio Recipe Modified Mediterranean Style

Pastitsio, also spelled pastichio, is a wonderful Greek baked pasta dish made throughout the Mediterranean region. There are many recipes for pastitsio and one of the favorites features béchamel sauce, better known as white sauce, and ground beef. Italy has its own version of pastitsio, commonly known as lasagna and usually featuring red sauce and ground beef. When set side by side, they have a close resemblance in looks even though the taste is quite different.

An interesting sauce, béchamel, also known as cream sauce or white sauce is also the base for Mornay sauce, which consists of béchamel with cheese, cheddar cheese sauce and mustard sauce. Recipes often call for one of three thicknesses, thick, medium, and thin. Adjust the texture by adding more or less butter and flour to the milk. You can use reconstituted powdered milk, half-and-half, evaporated milk, or any of the milks available in the store, such as 1 per cent, 2 percent, and whole milk. The most important thing is using real butter, when possible and fresh flour.

A great meal for a family event or large dinner party, the colors and presentation of pastitsio is impressive enough for a celebration. Enjoy decorating the table with a bright red tablecloth. Arrange fresh vegetables for an elegant centerpiece. Special favorites include large yellow and red tomatoes, bell peppers of green, yellow, orange and red or even ornamental gourds. Surround salt and pepper shakers with beautiful fresh onions and parsley sprigs. Hearty and tasty, this dish is the perfect meal for any family dinner or occasion. The beef and cheese are delicious. If you are unable to have dinner in Greece tonight, it is easy to pretend when you prepare a home cooked Greek dinner. Continue reading

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