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Citrus Feta Cheese Risotto with Spinach

I think the next risotto recipe in this series is going to have to have meat or my guys are going to begin to worry about me and more so about themselves like mom is trying to pull a fast one on them with all these none meat recipes. Yes many if not most of these get tried out on them how else is a working mom to know if work is taking care of them. See I spend a lot of time making new recipes so if I don’t blend it into my life I would never have time for it all.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not complaining I love my job and my family and the fact that they are both close to home is just an added bonus. See I know it is weird as a girl I am not suppose to love food but I do the fact that at 47 I still do as well as I do and deal with MS on top of it is no small feat. I am constantly looking at ways to improve everything from time with family to how I can do things wiser and smarter and still make everyone happy including me.

What helps it all work is I love what I do that I wouldn’t have a 10 foot commute and never a problem finding a parking spot if I didn’t. I have family in the computer business so I have awesome systems that are incredible to work on and never let me down so it makes my job easier and faster than most would. I have four wonderful kids a husband that never stops wowing me and so I have MS it’s not fun but for the most part life is good. Oh yeah and I have food great food I never seem to run out of ideas of how to feed people. I also have some of the best people in the world working for me that share my love of food so life is good I hope the food is up to it too. Continue reading

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Christine Szalay-Kudra

Hi I'm Christine, and I am happy you are visiting. Food is a large part of our family's lives, and we love to try new dishes, especially Italian food which offers so much freshness and flavor, whether you are making a classic Italian dish like lasagna or pizza, or experimenting with new appetizers, entrées or desserts from Italy.

Even if you are brand new to this cuisine, you will be able to find all kinds of tempting recipes here. I have been collecting classic Italian recipes, all conveniently in one place, along with unusual recipes from Italy plus some dishes inspired by Italian cuisine.

When the weather is cold, a baked pasta dish or juicy pork or veal recipe might be ideal. During the summer months, an Italian salad might be your dish of choice. We have vegetarian recipes, Italian soups, and even tips on how to work with Italian ingredients for the best results, whether you are making lasagna, gnocchi or an Italian casserole


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