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Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken

“The dish was named after Alfredo Di Lelio, a restaurateur who opened and operated restaurants in Rome, Italy, throughout the early to mid 20th century.” The dish came to America with Italian American immigrants and soon became popular with many and is a main stay of many Italian themed restaurants in the States. The restaurant version is very straightforward a combination of, cream, butter, and parmesan cheese.

Unlike the true version made in restaurants the commercial brand often thicken the sauce with things such as egg, or starch something no restaurateur would ever do. It is for this reason that many commercial brands fall far short on the true flavor of this very simple dish. In fact with many recipes the simple they are the easier they are to mess up by varying away from what makes them work in the first place.

Now that you know how easy it is to make your own authentic style Alfredo sauce at home there is no reason to resort to premade cheap knock offs as they recipe below will show it is so simple it really is not worth selling yourself short on flavor. Other twist on this theme include adding grilled shrimp is a popular version that replace the chicken in this dish with grilled shrimp for a nice seafood version, and of course there is always just plain pasta and sauce version. Try all three and see which your favorite is. Continue reading

Chicken Parmigiana with Fettuccine

This classic dish, which is also known as chicken parmesan or simply chicken parm, is a tasty Italian recipe which is cheap to make and makes chicken breasts go a long way. Chicken breasts are first breaded and then topped with tomato sauce and cheese. We are using parmesan and perhaps some mozzarella too. Sometimes provolone is used as well. Some people like to add a slice of ham or bacon too, so you can tweak this recipe if you want, using any of these options.

You can use Ritz crackers or similar wheat crackers, leaving the salt out of the recipe if you are using salty crackers. This recipe is often served as an entrée in the United States, with pasta, spaghetti or mashed potatoes. The chicken can also be served between bread slices to make a sandwich. If you wish to try this, use less tomato sauce else your sandwich will be too soggy. Fries are a typical side dish for chicken parmigiana in Australia. We like to use fettuccine, and also add a simple garden salad on the side.

The chicken is coated in egg and then seasoned cracker crumbs. This crispy coating sticks perfectly to the chicken. Next you need to add garlic-tomato sauce and parmesan. You can add some mozzarella too if you want to. This recipe makes enough to serve six people but you can halve it if that is too much. The dish takes about 40 minutes to cook in total, so start the fettuccine in the final 10 minutes, so it is ready at the same time as the chicken. Serve some Italian red wine on the side if you like, or a lightly chilled Italian blush wine. Continue reading

Spicy Chicken Fettuccine

This is a very simple recipe. A pinch of chili powder transforms this from a simple chicken and tomato pasta recipe to something with a little more kick. If you want to use fresh chilies you can take your pick from any of them, using the kind of chili pepper you prefer. Ground chili powder also works, or try some chipotle for the slightly smoky flavor it imparts.

You can use any kind of tomato-based pasta sauce, either a very simple one or maybe tomato and herbs or even tomato and garlic. You could even use your own pasta sauce recipe if you have a nice one, perhaps something your mother or grandmother taught you to make. If you are in a rush though there is no problem using a jar of sauce instead. Some people like to use quite a lot of sauce while others prefer a light coating. In Italy not much sauce is used, and pasta is certainly not served swimming in sauce, so use your discretion as regards the ratio of sauce to pasta.

It makes sense to cook the pasta at the same time as cooking the sauce, then you can combine them at the end, rather than cook the pasta first and have it sitting in a colander getting cold and sticky. If the pasta is ready a minute or two early though, it really will not matter. Adjust the amount of chili if you want it spicier or milder, or even leave it out altogether if you do not want any heat in the dish.

Continue reading

10-Minute Chicken Pasta with a Chinese Twist

Although a lot of pasta recipes are 100% Italian this one features Italian ingredients and Chinese flavorings to make a fusion dish which offers a change of pace from your usual Italian pasta recipes. Fettuccine pasta is used here but feel free to swap it for linguine or spaghetti, or even pasta shapes such as penne or bowties. You will also need some cooked chicken breast for this dish. If you do not have any you can cook some up beforehand of course, or else just make use of leftover chicken.

We are also adding carrot, both to add a bright color to the dish and also a nice sweetness. The seasonings are sesame oil, ginger and soy sauce, and then you can add red and/or black pepper for a touch of spice. Fresh cilantro makes a nice garnish and the vivid green color contrasts well with the yellow and orange in the dish. Pasta is similar to Asian noodles in a way, which is why this dish works so well.

Chicken features in a lot of Italian recipes but the seasonings in this recipe are more Eastern than Western, so it really is a fusion meal. This is a very easy dish to make. Just cook the pasta and carrots, then stir the remaining ingredients into the dish and cook it for a couple of minutes. Remember the chicken is already cooked so it only needs to be warmed through by tossing it with the other ingredients. Make this as mild or as spicy as you wish, adding red pepper flakes for a nice kick, or a pinch of chili powder instead if that is what you have. Continue reading

Fettuccine al Pesto Genovese

One of the best-known Italian recipes in the world, apart from pizza and pasta, has to be pesto, especially ‘pesto Genovese’ which is the most famous variety. The authentic recipe requires 7 ingredients, which are basil, pine nuts, olive oil, parmesan, pecorino, salt, and garlic. Some varieties of pesto Genovese call for potatoes, walnuts or parsley. In our recipe we are using parsley which works harmoniously with the other ingredients, as well as walnuts because they offer nice accent to the flavor. Feel free to leave one or both of these out though if you prefer.

A mortar and pestle is recommended to combine the ingredients and get the texture perfect, but use an electric blender if you prefer. Grinding the basil with a round-and-round motion, using a mortar and pestle, coaxes all the liquid out of the veins of the basil, at least according to Italian chefs. The word pesto comes from the Italian word ‘pestare’ which means to pound or crush.

So what is the history of pesto? Well the ancient Romans used to crush cheese, herbs and garlic to make a paste known as ‘moretum’ and the first written recipe for what we currently know as pesto dates back to an 1863 cookbook. Pesto did not really take off in the United States until the mid-1980s but today it is hugely popular. This recipe makes more pesto than you will need, since a little goes a long way, but keep it in a jar covered with a layer of extra-virgin olive oil, and it will be fine in the refrigerator for up to a week. Continue reading

Fancy Fettuccine Butternut Bake

This unusual recipe offers a twist on fettuccine Alfredo, incorporating butternut squash into the dish as well as various creamy ingredients and spices too. This unusual dish looks very simple on the plate, but add some fresh herbs as a garnish and you have in front of you something very elegant, something that would be perfect served at a dinner party perhaps, if you are in the mood for great Italian food but something a bit different.

Take one bite and you will be so pleased with the fantastic flavor. You can use leftover butternut squash to make this, or else roast or boil it until tender, then puree it in a food processor or use a potato masher to get it smooth. You can use pumpkin puree instead, if you wish. Fettuccine is perhaps an unusual pasta to use in a baked recipe, and you probably use macaroni, penne or another pasta shape when making pasta casseroles and cheese-topped bakes, but try fettuccine for a change here. As well as the pasta and butternut squash, the recipe features milk, butter and 3 kinds of cheese, for guaranteed creaminess, plus garlic, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and sage, to add aromatic hints. All these flavors work beautifully together, bringing a harmonious taste to the dish.

Serve this with a simple baby leaf salad or even some tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar for a flavor contrast. This baked fettuccine recipe is something you may tweak if you want, either by swapping the fettuccine for another kind of pasta, changing the butternut squash for pumpkin puree, or even adding some cooked shredded chicken before baking. Make this recipe your own, choose a tasty side dish, serve it hot from the oven, and you will have something really amazing. Continue reading

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