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Vegetarian Focaccia Pizza

If you like focaccia bread, you will love this recipe. Focaccia pizzas are all the rage; you can even find Digiorno focaccia pizza in your freezer section at the store. This one will leave those store pizzas behind in the dust. Not only does this recipe teach you to make your own focaccia bread, it is topped with delicious vegetables that are tasty and good for you. If you are trying to eat better and lose weight, this recipe may be right up your alley. Unlike frozen pizzas, this one is made with only the freshest ingredients and you will not have any preservatives to worry about.

Use your favorite vegetables in this dish or use the ones we suggest. All the vegetables we list have healthy benefits for you as well as being full of delicious flavors. This pizza does not use sauce or cheese, so all you enjoy are the sweet, roasted vegetables. This recipe takes no longer than your average dinner recipe to prepare, and that includes the rising time for the bread. Prep time is minimal; a quick mixing of the dough and some chopping of the vegetables and you are practically done.

This is a perfect vegetarian recipe to make when you want to avoid meat or animal products. All the ingredients are plant or mineral based. You can even serve this to your vegan friends and they will find it delicious. It makes a wonderful vegetarian dish to serve at a dinner party when you have guests over who prefer not to eat meat. Continue reading

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