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garlic roasted langoustines

Garlic Roasted Langoustines

Seafood works great with Italian flavors, and the following recipe combines langoustines with lemon, garlic and cherry tomatoes, for a rustic result. Langoustines are also known as Dublin Bay prawns, scampi or Norway lobster. They grow to 10 inches long and live in the northeastern Atlantic as well as some parts of the Mediterranean. This succulent white shellfish is related to the lobster, but is closer to the prawn in size.

These are sold fresh or frozen, with or without the shell. They are an orange-pink color, and they become paler when you cook them. Fresh langoustines should have a strong ocean aroma and they should be packed on to ice. They need to be boiled or roasted before being pulled out of their shells, and they are great in paella, pasta recipes, curries and more. They are also lovely served as an appetizer, and a couple of these delicious treats makes a good appetizer-size portion. If you have never had them, the best way to describe the taste of these fruits of the sea are like large prawns or giant shrimp.

Langoustines may be battered and deep fried, or peeled and poached to make scampi Provençal. If you are working with pre-boiled ones, avoid recooking them else they will get tough. You can warm them gently instead. Langoustines can also be served cold, perhaps with salad leaves and a vinegar-based dressing. The following recipe is very simple to make. You will need peeled raw langoustines. Remove the black intestinal tract from underneath each one, then you are ready to marinate them and then roast them. Continue reading

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