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Bowtie Pasta with Homemade Basil Pesto

If you usually buy jars of pesto, it is time to stop! Seriously, making your own pesto takes about 2 minutes and you only need garlic, basil, pine nuts, parmesan, and oil. Add these ingredients to the food processor and press the button. Before you know it you will have the most amazing pesto ever. You can make this while the pasta is cooking. Use bowtie pasta or feel free to swap it for penne or another favorite kind.

Toast the pine nuts before using them, by heating them in a dry skillet, shaking it often. When the pine nuts smell aromatic they are toasted. You can also do this in the oven but on the stove is quicker and easier. Toss the drained pasta with your homemade pesto and add some grated parmesan, or shredded parmesan if you prefer, to finish the dish off. The finished dish is ideal for vegetarians, or even vegans if you swap the parmesan for a vegan cheese.

You might be surprised when you read through the recipe and discover just how easy it is not only to make a tasty pasta dish, but also to make your own pesto from scratch. Some kinds of store-bought pesto are better than others, but prepare your own at home and you can be sure of a fresh-tasting result every time. If you have some of this left over, you can serve it chilled the next day for lunch, or have it as a side dish perhaps with chicken or fish. Continue reading

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