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how to freeze lasagna

Helpful Hints on How to Freeze Lasagna

Have you been wondering how to freeze lasagna and have it bake perfectly after it is frozen? There are a few simple steps to take in order to keep the lasagna intact and give it that freshly baked taste even when it is frozen and served another day.

Prepare the lasagna in a dish that is safe to freeze and can go straight to the oven. Most dishes state it somewhere on the outside. Aluminum pans are always good and there are even disposable aluminum pans to discard or recycle after use.

You can also cut the lasagna after preparation. Cut and wrap each piece in two layers of plastic wrap before placing each individual portion in a plastic freezer bag. Just place as many servings as you want to bake on a cookie sheet or in a small baking dish and pop it in the oven. That allows the remaining pieces to stay fresh in the freezer until they are ready to eat.

How to Freeze LasagnaIt is important to make sure the lasagna has completely cooled off before freezing. The easiest way to do this is to let the lasagna cool for about an hour and cover the pan in at least two layers of plastic wrap and one layer of foil to keep the lasagna fresh.

Then place it inside the refrigerator to chill for another hour, when it will be safe to put in the freezer. Lasagna lasts up to three months in the freezer. Write the date and contents on the front of the bag with a permanent marker and always use the older bags first.

Reasons to Freeze Lasagna

If you are reading how to freeze lasagna then you probably have your own reasons for wanting to do this. Many people like to make a batch of lasagna and freeze it to save time making future dinners.

Lasagna freezes really well and is also easy to thaw out. You can freeze uncooked or cooked lasagna recipes. Perhaps you are going away for a day or two and leaving the older kids to their own devices.

Leaving some lasagna thawing in the refrigerator along with some instructions how to cook it is a better idea than buying readymade, poor quality lasagna or a similar readymade dish.

Baking Lasagna in Bulk

Another reason to freeze lasagna is that some people do not want to spend hours making a lasagna for scratch and then only have enough for one meal. If you are going to spend a long time making a lasagna totally from scratch, you might want plenty of lasagna to show for your efforts, in which case you can double or treble the recipe and freeze what you are not going to eat immediately. When you thaw it, it will taste just as wonderful as it did when you first prepared it.

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