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Tomato and Calamari Soup with Garlic

This fabulous soup is based on the classic Italian tomato soup recipe but it also boasts calamari, another delicious Italian ingredient. The squid should be cleaned and sliced into rings, and if you also have tentacles cut them in half lengthwise. Squid can be breaded or battered and deep-fried for a couple of minutes until golden brown, and a lot of people have enjoyed squid prepared in this way. If you are looking for a new calamari recipe though, read on, because this soup is totally worth making.

Use either homemade or canned tomato sauce for the base of the soup, whichever you prefer. Adding a fresh tomato too will add further dimension to the flavor, plus provide some curled up bits of skin which add to the presentation. The soup is flavored with garlic, wine, thyme, and chili flakes, all of which bring out the beauty of the soup and also go nicely with the seafood taste.

A nice side dish for this soup is ciabatta, so slice up a loaf of it, and then toast the slices until crisp in a 350 degrees F oven, rub whole garlic cloves over the toast slices, and serve this tasty snack with the soup. If you want to serve plain ciabatta or untoasted bread you can, but scooping up the soup and squid on toasted bread is a special way of enjoying this dish. Serve this for lunch or dinner, or enjoy smaller portions and serve it as an appetizer. Once you have tasted this you will certainly want to make it again. Continue reading

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