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Wild Mushroom Boletus Italian Style Soup

Ever country’s cuisine has at least a few soup recipes, it is such a part of eating and meals all over the world and Italy is no different. I am trying to fill some of the shallow categories here and fill out the site I know pizza, and lasagna are well covered as they were two of the seed sites that went into the creation of this site. I’m trying to fill key holes in the category list and soup is looking a bit empty to me so I decided to spend a bit of time today and give you a nice three mushroom soup Italian style for my latest addition to the site.

Now the reason I chose this recipe and the use of more than just one mushroom is I think these three accent each other and complement each other taste wise well. I based it off of a classic idea in Italian soup making as I try to do with all the recipes here. Now this does not necessarily mean from Italy as I am well know for saying there are an awful lot of Italian Americans that have made equally great additions to the whole of Italian cooking on this side of the Atlantic.

Don’t get me wrong I love true Italian based recipes as much as the next person but I don’t think Italian-American food should be discounted as anything less because of geography. You know my feelings on Mexican food and labels there don’t make that same mistake when it comes to chefs here either. Food and ethnic food is becoming a smaller world everyday and the internet is helping fuel that transformation into a global breadbasket so to speak. Here it is in New England today it’s April, it just snowed, and yet yesterday grocery shopping I picked up fresh strawberries. That season is months away here so the world of food is getting smaller and our ability to travel via cyberspace makes it affordable to try new dishes all over the world. Continue reading

Garlic Lamb Chops with Balsamic Vegetables

Lamb chops are tender and petite, and they cook quickly. The following recipe teams garlic lamb chops with a simple vegetable mixture, and you can cook them side by side on the grill or you can broil them if you prefer. This recipe keeps the flavors really simple, adding only garlic to the lamb, and only balsamic vinegar to the vegetables. The reason for this is to showcase the natural flavors of the lamb and vegetables, offering a rustic, delicious flavor.

If you like, you can add some chopped fresh sage or rosemary to the garlic and oil mixture, and you can also consider using lamb loin chops rather than rib chops if you prefer. Only turn the lamb once while it is cooking, to let it form a nice browned crust. Moving it too soon means it will probably stick and that will leave the crust behind on the broiler pan or grill. Do not pierce the meat while it is cooking either, because you will lose some of the juices.

Grilling or broiling is the way to go with lamb chops, although pan-searing is also possible. These chops come with a built-in handle, so you can pick them up and eat the meat straight off the bone. This recipe may be scaled up or down, depending how many people you are serving. Add some potatoes, pasta or rice, and you have a complete meal. Count on 2 chops per person if you have several side dishes, 3 or 4 if you want something more filling, or 1 if you plan to serve this as an appetizer. Continue reading

Homemade Italian Style Pizza

Despite beliefs to the contrary, Italians did not invent pizza, but that honor belongs to an American. However, Italians certainly have improved pizza since the day that it was invented, and you will find that the Italian style of pizza is a simple one that is delightful and flavorful. Making your own homemade Italian pizza can be one of the best ways to enjoy the unique cuisine from Italy in the comfort of your own home.

The Italian pizza differs slightly from American pizza. The main difference is that the tomato sauce is much more acidic, the pizza crust is very thin, and there are few toppings used aside from tomatoes and green herbs. Making this style of pizza by following the recipe below can be a lot of fun, and you will find that making pizza has never been easier.

While this style of pizza may not be what you are used to, you will quickly find yourself growing to love Italian style pizza. The combination of the rich cheese with the tangy acidity of the tomato sauce and the salty crust has always been a popular mix, but the fresh tomatoes, basil, and oregano added as the toppings will be the perfect way to enjoy your pizza. Continue reading

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