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Easy Mexican-Inspired Lasagna Recipe

Mexican Lasagna is a real treat for dinner on any night. If you are looking for an easy Mexican lasagna recipe then you will like the one featured below it is a fast and easy recipe to make, and the flavor is great. This lasagna is not only great for dinner but is also a great dish to take to a potluck or reunion. Follow this recipe and watch how fast it disappears once served. Do you have finicky eaters in your home, or teenagers who love Mexican food? Then this easy Mexican lasagna recipe should be in your recipe file.

Combining deliciously spiced ground beef, shredded cheese, nacho chips, and salsa, this is made with the perfect ingredients that everyone loves. This layered lasagna has just the right amount of spiciness and melted cheese goodness that kids will be begging for more. For that matter, so will the adults. It has comfort food written all over it and is the perfect quick dinner entrée. This recipe’s preparation time is only about 15 minutes and the baking time is around half an hour.

This wonderful cheesy Mexican lasagna recipe will go great with an easy avocado salad. Serve refreshing iced tea or lemonade to quench the thirst and you have the perfect meal choice. This Mexican lasagna recipe is full of healthy calcium, protein and it is also a great source of fiber. Even the youngest family member will love it. The next time you are feeling like Mexican food, try this easy Mexican lasagna recipe. You and your family will be glad you did, because it blends Italian and Mexican cuisines seamlessly and the result is just perfect. Continue reading

How to Make a Lasagna Recipe even Mama Can Love

Any good mama wants her children to have the very best when it gets to be mealtime or snack time. Including good wholesome ingredients in the foods you eat daily help make a family strong. You can include all the delicious and healthy ingredients you want or need when you learn how to make a lasagna even mama can love.

Mama loves lasagna recipes because they are a quick and easy type of recipe. You just choose the lasagna recipe you want to use, gather the ingredients, and follow the easy to follow directions. Include any type of vegetables and herbs you might like to while making this type of dish. For instance, you might include anything from tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms and onions to carrots, garlic, yellow squash, eggplant, black beans, zucchini and spinach.

Feel free to include any other type of vegetables, herbs, and or spices you and your family prefer. Herbs and spices to consider can be anything from oregano, rosemary, and sage to basil, parsley and more. You can add all sorts of different tastes and textures of cheeses if you like, while making your own homemade lasagna recipe. You can make any type of lasagna you might like best whether it is turkey lasagna, vegetable lasagna, or even the type of lasagna sauce recipe your family will enjoy.

Italian Mama ChefAfter you learn how to make a lasagna recipe, you will be surprised at how quick and easy they make meal planning around your house. This is what makes knowing how to make lasagna even mama can love will be something you will be proud of too.

Herbs and Spices for Lasagna

When learning how to make a lasagna, it is important to learn about which herbs and spices you can use to enhance the flavors in the dish. Lasagna is not a spicy dish, unless you are making an international version of it like Mexican lasagna with cayenne pepper and chili powder, but some people like to add a pinch of nutmeg to their lasagna recipe. Nutmeg goes beautifully with the cheese layer and many Italians like to use this trick to bring the cheese flavor out even more.

Season Lasagna with Aromatic Herbs

As for herbs, plenty of lasagna recipes call for parsley, oregano, and basil but these are not the only herbs you can choose from. Perhaps you are making a cheese lasagna, in which case you might like to add sage, rosemary, and thyme as well, to complement the cheesy taste. If you grow fresh herbs in your own garden, you can add a selection of these to your homemade lasagna recipe.

Aromatic herbs are delicious when teamed with lasagna. Save a sprig of parsley or basil to garnish the lasagna after baking it. When you use herbs in a lasagna recipe, the wonderful aroma will be all over the house.

If you do not have any seasonings but you want to make lasagna, you can substitute a pinch of Italian seasoning mix in most lasagna recipes. The flavor will not be identical to using fresh herbs but the lasagna will have an Italian flavor.

Savory Vegetarian Spinach Lasagna Recipe

Lasagna should be filling and hearty to be successful. It is with that in mind that you will want to look at some of the different options that you have in an effort to get the best possible dish for your family. One of those choices you are going to have will be the delicious vegetarian lasagna with ricotta cheese spinach filling. This dish is going to be full of flavor and will offer you some nutritional value at the same time. This of course will be important to most people.

When you are looking at the recipes you can use to make your vegetarian lasagna with ricotta cheese spinach filling, you may want to consider the mixture of vegetables that can be put in the dish. While some people might enjoy keeping it simple with just the spinach and ricotta, others might find that they want to add some heartier vegetables into the mix. Because different vegetables do require additional cooking time, you will need to take that into account when you are setting up your dishes.

It will be important for you to consider all the basics that will come into play with these dishes when you are considering the options that you have. That way, you can continue to create meals that are going to impress your family and any guests that you may have invited to come over and enjoy these dishes with you family as well. Take a moment to consider the following dish as a possibility for you to serve. You can of course adjust it to fit your needs as well. Continue reading

Sensational Lasagna with Salmon, Leeks and Shrimp

This flavorful seafood lasagna is made with salmon and shrimp, as well as a creamy tomato and herb sauce. If you are in the mood for the best lasagna recipe but you crave seafood rather than meat, no problem – this recipe will satisfy your hunger completely.

Choose skinless, boneless salmon filets for the best results, running your fingertips along the salmon to check for any little bones. Sometimes you can find little bones in a filet even though they are meant to be boneless. With the shrimps it is best to choose medium-size ones. Little ones can go rubbery in the oven and huge ones will look out of proportion in the finished seafood lasagna recipe.

Use medium shrimp and cook them until they are just pink. You can swap the Havarti for mozzarella if you prefer, or even half cheddar and half mozzarella. Similarly, the leeks can be swapped for broccoli or spinach. Continue reading

Fancy Rolled Lasagna Recipe and Cooking Tips

Lasagna is delicious and quite simple to prepare at home. Take advantage of the great shortcut of prepared sauces with different flavors, available in cans or jars. Add additional herbs and spices to the sauce if you want, such as garlic powder, basil, or thyme. Buy the meat sauce or cook up the meat of your choice and add it to your sauce while it is warming up. Add chopped garlic, celery and bell peppers for extra flavor.

Always wash raw veggies and herbs before cooking or eating them. The pesticides, field dirt, and bacteria may still be present. Peel the carrots and potatoes after you wash them. It is such an advantage to do the prep work and eliminate the chance of digestive problems. When you find a reliable produce market, be a faithful customer.

The number of servings listed in a recipe is a guideline. If you realize that the lasagna in the oven will not satisfy the family appetite, think of side dishes and serve them as appetizers, such as minestrone soup and a green salad with tomatoes, kidney beans, and garlic croutons. That will help ease the hollow feeling while the lasagna finishes cooking. Making several different lasagna recipes helps you discover which ones you and the famil6y like best and how much to cook. Lasagna freezes very well and only needs a short time in the oven or microwave before it is ready to eat. Continue reading

Nice Rice Lasagna Recipe

When we think of Italian cuisine, it is so easy to focus on pasta. In some parts of the world the other great staple, rice, is the key ingredient to creating healthy filling meals. That does not stop anyone from using his or her favorite tomato-beef sauce or white sauce. It just means that instead of noodles the starch will be rice. With a combination of cheese, herbs, and spice, the meal will be delicious and add yet another favorite recipe to the collection. This rice lasagna is perfect for lunch or dinner, freezes well, and reheats quickly in the microwave oven.

It is very common to go to the cupboard and pull out a pack of rice to use in a recipe. One of the most amazing things is that there are more than 40,000 varieties of rice. The kernels vary in size, taste, shape, and cooking requirements. One of the most common types of rice is short grain rice, good for desserts like pudding, sweets, sushi, and croquettes. Long grain rice is exceptionally good when making pilaf. To add an interesting appearance to steamed rice or pilaf, add wild rice.

To make the lasagna, use sticky rice. It has a glutinous composition that holds together, whether it is long or short grain rice and maintains its integrity when frozen and after being thawed. An ideal type is U.S. sweet rice, a plump, short chalky white kernel. Cooking causes it to lose its shape and become glutinous, producing the lasagna-like texture desired in rice lasagna. Other types of rice produce a small difference in the texture and usually do not interfere with the results. Continue reading

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