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How to Make Ricotta Fluffy in Lasagna Recipes

Everyone is different, especially in the things they like to eat and drink. This is true when you consider whether someone likes to eat things dry or whether he or she might like to eat things that are not so dry. This is the root of the question of how to make ricotta fluffy in lasagna. Most lasagna lovers that eat this type of cheese in their lasagna recipes want light and fluffy ricotta woven in with the patterned layers of lasagna.

Here are some cooking techniques you can use to make ricotta fluffy in lasagna. For instance, one of the first options you have is to drain the excess fluid out of the ricotta cheese. You can do this by using cheesecloth. Cheesecloth is fine enough to let the fluids out while holding the mass within. You can place the ricotta in the center of a large piece of cheesecloth and then squeeze and wring the fluid out.

Lining the inside of a strainer or colander with cheesecloth and then placing the ricotta cheese inside to sit and drain is another option you might consider while making various recipes. You might also press and squeeze the excess fluid out of the cheese in this manner.

RicottaAnother option is too not drain the ricotta but to beat in an egg. After beating an egg into the cheese, you add it as a layer and the fluid cooks out better. This causes the ricotta to be fluffier inside lasagna. Now you know how to make ricotta fluffy in lasagna choose your recipe and eat in tonight with homemade.

A Closer Look at Ricotta

Ricotta can be made with milk from sheep, goats, buffalo, or cows. In the United States it is nearly always made with cow’s milk though. Ricotta is made with the whey which is leftover from cheese production.

Although ricotta is known as a cheese, technically it is not cheese because it is not made by casein coagulation. It is made by coagulating other milk proteins. People who avoid cheese because they are intolerant to casein might find they are fine with ricotta for this reason.

Ricotta is an Italian word meaning, “recooked” and the curds are creamy white with a slightly sweet flavor. American ricotta is saltier, less sweet, and blander than its Italian counterpart is. Ricotta curds contain about 13% fat and is not too different from cottage cheese.

Ricotta in its curd state is highly perishable, which is why it also comes in other forms. Ricotta can be smoked, salted or baked. The pressed, dried, and salted variety is known as ricotta salata, and this is firm and white, and can be shaved or grated. You can buy ricotta salata in wheels.

Popular Uses for Ricotta

Ricotta features in Italian desserts like cannoli and cheesecakes. Some cookies also feature it as an ingredient. Ricotta can be beaten smooth and then combined with cinnamon, chocolate shavings, orange flower water, or sugar, and served for dessert. This basic beaten ricotta mixture can also be used to fill cannoli tubes.

Mixed with cooked grains and eggs and then baked, ricotta is also featured in Easter pies in Naples. It can also be used in savory dishes like pizza, manicotti, pasta, calzone, ravioli, and ricotta lasagna recipes. You can substitute it for mayonnaise in tuna or egg salad, or use it as a sauce thickener.

Healthy Eggplant Lasagna Recipes Choice

When you are looking for delicious lasagna, but do not want to have all the fat and cholesterol that normally comes with it, a vegetarian lasagna can be a great choice. These dishes are full of delicious flavors and vegetables that are nutrient rich. This makes this a meal that you can certainly enjoy and you can be excited about feeding you family as well.

To begin this process, you are going to want to look at some of the fresh vegetables that can go into this dish. Typically, you are going to find that tomatoes, zucchini, and even eggplant are all very reasonable options for you. However, if you want something that has some spice and depth to it, you may want to consider some other vegetables such as carrots or even some various squashes that could bring a new depth to your dish.

If you want to try and make a low carbohydrate dish with this meal, you can also use whole wheat pasta for your vegetarian lasagna as well. Just keep in mind that as you go over each of the different options you have, that you will want to focus on getting the freshest selection possible. That way, you end up with a dish that your entire family can enjoy. Continue reading

Chilled Appetizer Mandarin Shrimp Lasagna with Beets

Lasagna is usually a hot dish which is baked in the oven and served as an entree, between the appetizers and the dessert. However, what about if you like the concept of sandwiching a filling between lasagna sheets (or something else) for an appetizer or dessert? The good news is there are appetizer lasagna recipes and dessert lasagna recipes as well as the more traditional ones. Take the following appetizer lasagna recipe for example. Using beets instead of pasta keeps this lasagna light and healthy and adding a chilled shrimp filling gives it a gourmet touch. You can cook your own beets or use ones from a jar; use them as they are or trim them into rectangles. You can drain the slices on paper towels if you do not want a lot of juice.

This is a simple recipe, combining thin slices of beets with a creamy shrimp and mandarin orange mixture. It is light, refreshing and makes a wonderful appetizer. Purists might argue that a lasagna has to contain lasagna noodles and if you like you can replace the beets with those. Boil them first and when they are tender use them in place of the beets. This will make the appetizer heavier but more like a traditional lasagna recipe.

The garnish for this seafood lasagna is up to you. In the recipe we have suggested lemon, chives, and a spoonful of pesto but you can add tomato wedges, fresh parsley or basil, cocktail onions or anything else you want. This is a modern, creative appetizer so feel free to put your own stamp on it and make it as decorative and unique as you like. Continue reading

Round Chicken Lasagna with Mushrooms and Ricotta

A round lasagna makes an interesting change from a rectangular one. The lasagna itself is based on an authentic lasagna recipe but the shape is different. If you enjoy making new takes on old classics, you might like to try out this flavorful round lasagna recipe. Containing chicken, mushrooms, three kinds of cheese, spinach and more, this offers you a hearty and full-flavored meal.

If you prefer to make this in the traditional shape by all means go ahead, but a round lasagna is more unusual. You will not waste any of the trimmed-off lasagna noodles (obviously these noodles are rectangular) because you can use them to fill in the gaps and you can use several noodles or pieces of noodles in one layer of the lasagna.

This is an unusual dish, not only because of the shape but also because of the ingredients. Rather than a tomato-based sauce, we are going to use cherry tomatoes in the lasagna and use a creamy pasta sauce between the layers. If you can find a white sauce which is flavored with mushrooms that is the best one to go for. It really complements the chicken and mushrooms. You will need a small jar or about two thirds of a medium-size one. Continue reading

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